We offer the most suitable solutions for ASIC/FPGA. For example we offer image transmission boards with our image processing/high-speed communication technologies and one-stop solutions for development and production.


Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Foundry support




We offer SoC design services for customer requests with rich development experiences about computers, communication products, mobile products and digital AV products. These contribute to shortening development time, making products with competitive power and the most suitable device development for the system.

Our technologies:

  • Image processing/Image recognition/Image transmission
  • High level synthesis (Speed up by hardware implementation of algorithm)
  • High-speed SerDes/ Analog LSI design technique
  • System design with CPU


Email LSI Development Division
Atsunori Takagi (at-takagi@nec.com)
URL https://www.necplatforms.co.jp/entrust/index.html#anc-design