The ISL8117 evaluation board features probing points to monitor different signals such as input voltage, output voltage, and output response. (Part 2)


High Voltage (60V) Synchronous Buck Controller Demo

To support our customer with ISL8117 designs, we have developed different kinds of evaluation boards and demo boards. Here is an example of an Intersil's evaluation board.

Here the ISL8117, and you have all the probing points where you can put your probe to monitor different signals. This is input voltage, this is output voltage, and here we are trying to monitor the output response. In this particular case, the input voltage is set at 48V, output is set at 12V, and transient is running from 0A to 15A.

Apart from evaluation boards, Intersil has also developed a number of demonstration boards. Here is an example of 240W power supply design. This comes into a 40mm into 35mm area. Output is set at 12V, and input can be used from 18V to 60V. It delivers 98% efficiency when input is set at 18V. This is one board, and we have another board for a different market segment.