Renesas RZ/A2M microprocessors offer an innovative architecture based on the ARM Cortex®-A9 processor and industry-leading 4MB of on-chip memory. RZ/A2M MPUs can execute code at 1320 DMIPS from the abundant on-chip memory or in-place from inexpensive serial NOR Flash. RZ/A2M’s peripheral upgrade compared to RZ/A1 embedded MPU family enables quick and easy system upgrades as well as the entrance to new markets. RZ/A2M feature upgrades include 528MHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU, Hyperbus interface, new 2D GPU, sprite engine, image correction, full security suite based on TSIP security and TrustZone, true random number generator, OTP, CAN-FD, dual port Ethernet among others. Please also watch the connected video on DRP in RZ/A2M.