Wideband, Low-Power, Ultra-High Dynamic Range Differential Amplifier Evaluation Boards


ISL55210IRTZ-EVALZ board evaluates the ISL55210 TQFN wideband, low-power, ultra-high dynamic range differential amplifier. The ISL55210 wideband differential I/O amplifier is intended principally as the last stage interface to high performance 12- to 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

The primary test purpose for this board is to implement different interstage differential passive filters intended for the ADC interface along with the ADC input impedances. The board is delivered with only the output resistors loaded to give a 200Ω differential load. This is done using the two 85Ω resistors as R9 and R10, then the four 0Ω elements (R10, R12, R24, and R25) and finally the two shunt elements R13 and R14 set to 35.5Ω. The 50Ω measurement load on the output side of the 1:1 transformer reflecting in parallel with the two 35Ω resistors takes the nominal AC shunt impedance to 71Ω||50Ω = 29.3Ω. This adds to the two 85Ω series output elements to give a total load across the amplifier outputs of 170Ω + 29.3Ω = 199.3Ω.

Key Features

  • Gain Bandwidth Product: 4.0GHz
  • Input Voltage Noise: 0.85nV/√(Hz)
  • Differential Slew Rate: 5,600V/µs
  • 2VP-P, 2-tone IM3 (200Ω) 100MHz: -109dBc
  • Supply Voltage Range: 3.0V to 4.2V
  • Quiescent Power (3.3V Supply): 115mW


  • Low Power, High Dynamic Range ADC Interface
  • Differential Mixer Output Amplifier
  • SAW Filter Pre/Post Driver
  • Differential Comms-DAC Output Driver

ISL55210IRTZ-EVALZ Differential Amp Eval Board

ISL55210IRTZ-EVALZ Differential Amp Eval Board

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