The Cellular Cloud Connected System solution greatly simplifies the challenge of connecting your product to the cloud. In this design, various sensors are monitored and the data is posted to the cloud via Renesas' Synergy S5D9 MCU connected to a cellular modem, a Wi-Fi module and/or an Ethernet port. In addition to the hardware design, there is an abundance of software tools to enable rapid development of an application that can connect to any cloud environment. Renesas sensors used in this application measure air quality, humidity, temperature, and ambient light levels.

Key Features

  • Enables rapid development of a cloud-based solution
  • Supports any cloud provider
  • The Synergy ecosystem provides Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS and X-ware middleware with no fees or royalties
  • Illustrates how various sensors can be used together to monitor and report back to the cloud
System Block Diagram

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