Renesas offers a variety of easy-to-use boards for evaluation of MCU and MPU products targeted at kick starting your development project.

  • Starter Kits
    Starter kits offer a user-friendly development environment for evaluation, allowing you to start coding, debugging, and evaluating solutions immediately out of the box using the emulator and integrated development environment included in the kit.
  • Evaluation Kits
    Evaluation kits allow you to evaluate product performance or featured product functions for introductory use.
  • Development Kits
    Development Kits provide the resources to evaluate advanced features and functions, while reference kits target specific functions for a particular final product or application.
  • Demonstration Kits
    Demonstration kits are evaluation and demonstration tools for Renesas products with the goal of providing you with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common applications.
  • Reference Kits
    Reference kits can support you to evaluate specified functions for the particular final products/applications.

Boards & Kits List

Product ID Title Type Company
CS Lab BACnet stack for RA MCUs Reference
Percepio Tracealyzer® Reference
语音识别解决方案 Reference
NEC軽量プログラム改ざん検知 開発キット Reference
SEGGER J-Link/J-Trace PRO/Flasher Reference
Cypherbridge uLoadXL™ Reference
SX-ULPGN Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi IoT Module Reference
Clarinox BT/BLE/Wi-Fi 协议栈 Reference
Percepio Tracealyzer® Reference
wolfSSL 嵌入式 SSL/TLS 库 Reference
Hex Five MultiZone® 安全物联网固件 Reference
音声認識ソリューション Reference
NEC軽量暗号 開発キット Reference
株式会社DTSインサイト:EVRICA Arm®マイコン対応データ計測ツール Reference
Cypherbridge uLoadXL™ Reference
SEGGER emWin 图形库 Reference
Clarinox BT/BLE/Wi-Fiプロトコルスタック Reference
Pachira Voice Recognition Solution Reference
wolfSSL SSL/TLS ライブラリ Reference
Hex Five MultiZone® Secure IoT Firmware Reference
Voice Recognition RA Partner Ecosystem Solution Reference
京都マイクロコンピュータ:SOLID開発プラットフォーム Reference
Cypherbridge uLoadXL™ Reference
SEGGER emWinグラフィックスライブラリ Reference
Clarinox BT/BLE/Wi-Fi Protocol Stacks Reference
Pachira Voice Recognition Solution Reference
wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS Library Reference
株式会社北斗電子:RAマイコン評価ボード・キット Reference
Pelion™ 设备管理和连接管理服务 Reference
SEGGER emWin Graphics Library Reference
AltoBeam 高速 Wi-Fi 云连接解决方案 Reference
IAR Embedded Workbench Reference
东芝 RECAIUS 语音识别 Reference
Cypherbridge SDKPac Reference
Arm® Keil® MDK Arm®純正統合開発環境 Reference
Pelion™ デバイス管理/コネクティビティ管理サービス Reference
RELOC Wi-Fi FSP 驱动程序 Reference
AltoBeam Hi-Speed Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Solution Reference
IAR Embedded Workbench Reference
東芝デジタルソリューションズ株式会社:RECAIUS音声認識ミドルウェアボイストリガー Reference
Cypherbridge SDKPac Reference
株式会社アルファプロジェクト:AP-RA6M-0A RA6M3搭載CPUボード Reference
Pelion™ Device and Connectivity Management Services RA Partner Ecosystem Solution Reference
RELOC Wi-Fi FSPドライバ Reference
适用于 RA MCU 的阿里云解决方案 Reference
IAR Embedded Workbench Reference
TOSHIBA RECAIUS Speech Recognition Reference
Cypherbridge SDKPac Reference
イー・フォース株式会社:μNet3/Compact Reference
RELOC Wi-Fi FSP Driver Reference