The highly integrated RAA239101 low-power analog front-end IC includes all necessary peripherals and features required for a complete smoke detector system based on photoelectric detection principle. It enables a very flexible implementation with parametrization capabilities (LED-current selection, PGA gain setting, integrated battery test feature).

System Benefits​:

  • Low-power analog front-end includes all necessary peripherals for a photoelectric smoke detector.
  • Ultra-low current consumption enables 10y+ battery lifetime.
  • Very few external components are needed with a cost-optimized bill-of-materials (BOM) and small solution size vs. a discrete design.
  • Highly integrated analog front-end (AFE) allows the use of two different IR wavelength diodes/photodetectors (enhanced accuracy, UL217 compliant).
  • Utilizes the small pin-count and low-cost RL78/G12 MCU with DataFlash, enabling non-volatile data storage for alarm counter, operating hours, etc.
  • AC mains power supply with small-sized and low quiescent current (IQ) AC/DC buck regulator (optional).



  • Residential smoke detectors based on photoelectric principle

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Lab On The Cloud Demonstration for Household Smoke Detector Solution

Demonstration of Renesas’ Lab on the Cloud virtual environment for the Household Smoke Detector Solution.

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Lab on the Cloud

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Household Smoke Detector

This smoke detector solution using the RAA239101 low-power AFE IC with the RL78/G12 MCU includes peripherals and features for a photoelectric smoke detector system.

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