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EtherCAT Technology Group

Support Chart (Protocol)

The EtherCAT Technology Group keeps EtherCAT technology open for all potential users. It brings EtherCAT device manufacturers, technology providers, and users together to further the technology.

CC-Link Partner Association

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The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is an organization of manufacturers of CC-Link compatible products and users of CC-Link technology. The CLPA oversees and manages the CC-Link specifications and promotes the worldwide adoption of CC-Link technology for network communications in industrial automation.

Japanese PROFIBUS Organization

Support Chart (Protocol)

The Japanese PROFIBUS Organization strives towards the proliferation of the globally popular PROFIBUS/PROFINET field bus in Japan.


Support Chart (Protocol)

ODVA, Inc. is a global nonprofit organization run by major vendors that supports network technologies (EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet) built on the CIP (Common Industrial Protocol).


Renesas DevCon Japan 2014 (Japanese Only)

Renesas DevCon Japan 2014 is Renesas Electronics' largest private event where we provide solutions to attendees.
You can see information about R-IN demonstrations in this event report.

Technical Expertise


DevCon Japan 2014: R-IN Demos

The following are videos of R-IN-related solution demonstrations.

Remote I/O trial kit that shortens development time

Carries out synchronized control of multiple slave devices in real time.
The remote I/O reference design used in this demo is available for loan free-of-charge.

Unsurpassed real-time control is the key to smart factories

The unsurpassed real-time performance of the R-IN enables high-speed processing of the large amount of data received from sensors.
Please pay attention to the final part of the video. You can see the difference in effects clearly!

R-IN multi-protocol

Collaboration between factory and another field

The R-IN carries out M2M communication between an industrial network and a building management network.

[IAR Systems]

Introduction to industrial Ethernet

An industrial protocol stack evaluation kit you can connect immediately

You can start developing using R-IN easily using this kit and a protocol stack provided by Renesas.

ET2013 Exhibition Report

The following is a video of an R-IN-related solution demonstration

"Industrial Network Solution" R-IN

ESEC 2013 Event Report

The following is a video of an R-IN-related solution demonstration.

An LSI that processes industrial Ethernet communications at high speed

In addition the multi-protocol processing mentioned above, this LSI also features two types of built-in hardware accelerator so it can realize both real-time responsivity and high-speed high-capacity communications.

Technical Papers and Trends

More documents are planned.

White Papers

HW-RTOS Improved RTOS Performance by Implementation in Silicon by Renesas Electronics

Explains the functionality of the core of the R-IN engine, HW-RTOS, from an large-scale integration perspective.

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Consortium FAQ

I'd like to join the R-IN Consortium? How do I join?

Please see here.

Is there a participation fee?

There is no consortium participation fee.
(Shows or exhibits may incur separate expenses.)