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Renesas Synergy™ Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

The SQA process that Renesas has established for the Synergy Software Package (SSP) involves the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from early stage of market requirements validation to software verification and maintenance. SSP software is created and tested based on requirements, with software behavior always traceable back to the requirements. Testing methods include:


  • Unit tests – for correctness and completeness of each software component
  • Functional tests – for correct behavior of each individual component
  • Integration tests – for correct behavior of components coupled together
  • Performance tests – for confirmation the components meet market requirements
  • Regression tests – to ensure changes do not effect backwards compatibility
  • Dynamic Analysis – to compare overall control and data flow against a model
  • Static Analysis – to check for complexity and violations against coding standards

To ensure that that the Synergy SQA process is verifiable, and that it is able to produce quantifiable results, a series of five software quality metric categories have been defined by Renesas to normalize test results and measurably to track SSP quality using combinations of the types of tests listed above. To pass release requirements, the SSP must:


  • Meet coding standards
  • Maintain low complexity
  • Have traceability to requirements
  • Build cleanly
  • Achieve full test coverage of all code

The Synergy SQA Process, as well as information about the metrics it is based on and the scoring system used to quantify them, are defined in the Synergy Software Quality Handbook.


In addition to the Software Quality Handbook, Renesas provides a Synergy Quality Summary Report  for each minor release of the SSP starting with version 1.2.0. This report presents results collected during qualification to provide unparalleled insight into the rigorous effort that goes into ensuring that the SSP lives up to the term “production grade”.


The Synergy Platform enables significant cost savings to customers undertaking any kind of validation activity on their own software. The transparency these documents provide into the qualification of the SSP is unparalleled in the MCU industry, and significantly increases the ability for customers to be successful in their own SQA efforts.


Additional detail documentation on SQA activities such as coding standards, validation and verification reports, and descriptions of tests performed can be made available under Non-Disclosure Agreement for customers holding a SSP production license. Please contact your local Renesas sales office for additional details.


Synergy Software Quality Handbook

Synergy Software Quality Summary