Renesas solutions for minimizing man-hours in developing various applications

We are currently developing a range of Quick and Effective Tool Solutions (QE) as development tools for particular applications. The intention is greater efficiency than existing tools for our development environments. Have you ever wondered "What's the matter with this thing? I understand the development environment, and have pulled the application together, but it still doesn't go!"? We are adding development features for various particular applications to the existing debugging features of our integrated development environments. As they appear, try our new development tools if you are having problems in developing embedded applications.

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Functions QE MCUs (Note1) IDEs Type of Support
Communications USB QE for USB RL78, RX e² studio Solving problems at the beginning of USB system development
BLE QE for BLE RA, RL78, RX e² studio Assisting in development work involving Bluetooth® Low Energy.
TCP/IP QE for TCP/IP RX e² studio Checking communications problems originating in TCP/IP. (RX family from Renesas running the M3S-T4-Tiny TCP/IP protocol stack.)
SCI QE for UART RX e² studio Initial settings for UART communications and the debugging of communications processing
CAN Network Verification RH850 CS+ You can debug CAN communication applications without actually being connected to the companion peripheral device. This allows early debugging of network functions.
CAN Communication Time Measurement Solution RH850 CS+ Measuring response times in CAN bus transfer (up to the start of processing by the program after reception)
Graphics LCD QE for Display RZ, RX e² studio Adjusting timing settings or the image quality of displays (for use with display controllers from Renesas)
Camera QE for Camera RZ e² studio Initial adjustment of camera connections and camera module settings (for use with display controllers from Renesas)
Sensors Touch QE for Capacitive Touch RA, RX e² studio (Note2) Assisting in the configuration, tuning, and monitoring of touch interfaces.
Others QE for Current Consumption RL78, RX CS+/e² studio Measuring current drawn by systems as a whole. It also helps to shorten periods of work on tuning the currents drawn by systems.
Verification Through Fault Injection RH850 CS+ Using fault injection it is possible to trigger states that would be difficult to realize on the actual system. This allows effective debugging of processing when errors are detected.
Verification of Safety RL78, RX, RH850 CS+ See at a glance if specified variables have been accessed (read or write) by functions (RH850, RX, RL78). Detects when variables in a designated section (while a specified function is running) are written to and indicates this as an error (RH850).
QE for Battery Management Battery Management Controllers CS+ Adjusting parameters required for the management of batteries


  1. For more information about supporting devices, please refer to each QE tools page.
  2. Use Workbench6 if you are working with CS+ (RX family only).

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Tool for Automatically Adjusting Touch Sensitivity Workbench6
This tool makes adjusting the sensitivity of touch keys easy. You can test it with touch keys in operation, and immediately reflect the results in source code. This tool supports both the CS+ and e² studio IDEs. However, we recommend using QE for Capacitive Touch if you are using the e² studio IDE.