Food preparation has always been an important factor in any home/kitchen around the world. Now that appliances are getting smarter, they are able to better control and alert users to the status of the food they are preparing. In this reference design, the ZMOD4410 air quality sensor can detect food spoiling and other volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as burning food, very early, making adjustments to the conditions and alerts. In this case, turn on or off the ventilation fan and send alerts to the RX231 microcontroller (MCU) which displays them to the user via an LED display.

System Benefits

  • Single sensor device (ZMOD4410) can detect food spoilage and VOCs, alert the users and maintain air quality in the kitchen.
  • The RX231 provides all the core functions: sensor data analysis, fan control, drive the LEDs for status and alerts, and touch switches for manual control.
System Block Diagram

Smart Range Hood with Gas Sensor

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