Take a glimpse of the Automotive Tech Days 2019. A great chance for customers to interact with Renesas product experts and discover available Digital and Analog solutions.


Elmar Winter: We have done 14 TechDays for automotive customers. Eleven at our customer premises and three at our offices in Europe.

Carsten Jauch: Today, our teams have prepared lot of live demos, so I would really ask you to go in the deep, technical discussions with our experts to drive your innovation.

Elmar Winter: Renesas is in a transition from a pure semiconductor supplier to a more and more system solution provider. Today we are able to provide wide digital and analog solutions for all our customers.

For brushless DC motors, we control and drive with our MCU solutions the electronic commutation of BLDC motors.

With our inductive sensing solutions, we are able at the same time to sense precisely the position of the rotor and replace resolver solutions.

With our R-Car SoC solutions, our customers serve more and more solutions in the field of infotainment and ADAS.

In parallel, they use timing and PMIC solutions from Renesas and save development time.

A TechDay is a very efficient way to bring the right experts together. It's like a small congress at your location. If you are interested in such a TechDay in your premises, please get in touch with our sales team.