Renesas offers a 2.5/3.3V and 5V bus switch family known as QuickSwitch®. The QuickSwitch technology was created to meet unique customer needs by providing cost-effective performance-enhanced solutions. These devices provide low ON-resistance and high-speed switching without adding propagation delay, ground bounce noise, or static power dissipation. Renesas offers bus switches with different functions, including multiplexer, demultiplexer, analog switch, and rail-to-rail switching products. These are ideal for bidirectional interfaces between mixed-supply buses, and in applications that require isolation, protection and voltage translation. These switches are available in octal, double density, and wide bus configurations. Renesas analog bus switch products are ideal for multimedia PCs and video conferencing capabilities.

Renesas’ rich portfolio of bus switches includes:

  • Standard bus switch products
  • Bus exchange products
  • Multiplexer (Mux) products
  • Demultiplexer (DeMux) products
  • Synchronous multiplexer demultiplexer (Mux/DeMux) products

About Bus Switches (including QuickSwitch)

A bus switch IC is an array of high-speed, low-resistance CMOS switches used to relay a group of signals known as a signal bus. Sometimes known as a bilateral switch or analog switch, these bus switch ICs offer the same basic function as a mechanical relay, but have no moving parts and offer much better performance.

The control input to the device is typically a digital signal that switches between the positive and negative supply voltages, with the more positive voltage switching the device on and the more negative switching the device off.

Important parameters of a bus switch are:

  • ON-resistance: the resistance when switched on. Renesas’ bus switches are designed to offer very low on-resistance (down to 5ohms), becoming almost transparent to the system architecture.
  • Bus width: the number of switch channels in a single device. Renesas offers bus switch ICs with up to 32 signal paths to minimize PCB area requirements and simplify the bill of materials.
  • Core voltage: the power supply voltage required to power the device. Renesas’ bus switches are available in both 2.5/3.3V and 5V options depending on system power supply availability.


3.3V CBTLV (General Purpose Bus Switch)

3.3V, low voltage, general-purpose bus switches

3.3V CBTLV Double Density (General Purpose Bus Switch)

3.3V, low voltage, double density, general-purpose bus switches

3.3V QuickSwitch (High Bandwidth Bus Switch)

3.3V, high bandwidth (QuickSwitch) bus switches

5.0V QuickSwitch

5.0V, high bandwidth (QuickSwitch) bus switches

Analog Multiplexers and Demultiplexers

High-speed CMOS analog multiplexer and demultiplexer products

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