Advanced Design Technology CO.,LTD (ADT) has abundant design experience for many major vender companies in Japan. And, having layout design technology, ADT will support you from foundry selection. Our experienced engineers will also support customers FPGA designs.


Design support, FPGA support




ADT, as an independent design house, has abundant design experience at domestic fab manufacturers and provides LSI design services supporting all aspects of development from fab selection to system review, system design, timing verification and layout design. ADT also has good records of performance of some fab manufacturers in foreign countries and can take care of designs of the most advanced process. ADT has many development experiences with Xilinx and Intel FPGA devices for design service of FPGA, and our experienced engineers support widely from device selection to designs including IP/CPU (soft IP for FPGA). ADT also develop and sell our original FPGA board (Xilinx Zynq). ADT’s strong fields are image / voice (sound) processing and high-speed network packet communications. Regarding both LSI and FPGA design, ADT is good at designing peripheral IP interface of ARM core.


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