The RoHS compliant ISL41387EVAL1Z evaluation board provides a quick and easy method for evaluating the ISL41387 dual protocol, BiCMOS, interface IC. The board also accommodates the ISL41334 two-port, dual protocol, interface IC

This board was designed to allow the user to evaluate all the features available on the ISL81387 and ISL41387 multiprotocol interface products. The ISL41387 is the full featured version where the QFN package's increased pin count gives the user access to functionality not available on the pin limited ISL81387. The same die is used in both products, so other than minor package effects, evaluating the QFN packaged ISL41387 is a reasonable substitute for evaluating the ISL81387.

By changing jumper positions the user can quickly set the board to evaluate any of the ISL41387's many modes and features, and the input states can also be set via jumpers.


  • QFN version demonstrates all enhanced features:
    • Logic supply pin (VL)
    • Three RS-485 speed options - 115kbps/460kbps/20Mbps
    • Active low RS-485 Rx enable for simple direction control
  • Quick configuration using jumpers
  • State of all inputs can be set by jumper positions
  • No bus termination resistors; allows RS-232 or RS-485 evaluation
  • Simple operation requires only one 5V power supply



  • Gaming applications (e.g., slot machines)
  • Single board computers
  • Factory automation
  • Security networks
  • Industrial/Process control networks
  • Level translators (e.g., RS-232 to RS-422)
  • Point of sale (POS) equipment


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