Power Line Communication (PLC) is a communication method that uses power lines as the medium. By using power lines as the communication network, it is possible to build a system quickly at a low cost. For this reason, PLC is used for communications in smart meters (advanced metering infrastructure - AMI), home energy management systems (HEMS), building energy management systems (BEMS), and solar panel monitoring systems, part of a smart society. Communication data can be propagated through AC or DC power lines.

Advantages of Renesas PLC Modem IC

  • Realize advanced and robust communication through high-performance DSP@276MHz
  • Support flexibly PLC protocols and frequency bands for each country through the CPU + DSP dual core
  • Realize long-distance communication over 1km at high speed, without the need for relays
  • Realize high-level security in communication with AES128 cryptographic hardware


PLC Modem ICs

Fast and accurate long distance, secure communication over AC and DC lines

PLC Smart Transceivers

Neuron processor core integrated with a power line transceiver

PLC Line Drivers

PLC line drivers for applications using HomePlug, G.hn, CENELEC-A, etc.

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