For use in Japan, please use RTK0EE0003D02002BJ (J70D2).

The CPX3 Evaluation Kit J70D1 is a tool to evaluate the hardware and the software of Renesas' PLC modem LSI R9A06G037 (CPX3). This kit supports CENELEC-A, FCC and ARIB frequency bands. This chapter introduces the configuration and setup for the CPX3 Evaluation Kit J70D1.


  • Control MCU: RX631 (R5F5631EDDFP)
  • PLC Modem Device: R9A06G037
  • For detailed information on microcomputer, refer to RX631 page.
  • The J70D1 CPX3 Evaluation Kit has a circuit configuration which includes the PLC modem device, the control MCU and the AFE required for power line communication.
  • The evaluation board is composed of the following three boards. The main board is composed of 1) and 2).
    • PLC board: PLC modem device (CPX3:R9A06G037) and AFE device (NJM45001)
    • BASE board: Power circuitry and control MCU (RX631)
    • Filter board: Receive filter for CENELEC-A, FCC and ARIB frequency bands
  • Board Dimensions: 120×76×44 mm
  • PLC specification: CENELEC-A:35kHz-90kHz
  • FCC: 150kHz-490kHz
  • ARIB: 150kHz-450kHz
  • Input voltage for Power line: AC100-230V
  • DC power supply voltage: 5.0V/3.0A

The AC adapter is not included. Please prepare an AC adapter that complies with the laws and regulations of the environment you use. Following AC adapters have been verified to not degrade communication performance.

Verified AC adapters

Model name UN318-0530 PL03B SMI18-5-V-P5 GST18B05-P1J
DC Volt. 5V 5V 5V
Type Wall Mount Wall Mount Desktop
Supported Standards
* Please check the latest information by vender.
PSE (JPN) check check check
CE (EU) check check check
UKCA (GBR)   check check
UL (USA) check check check
FCC (USA) check check check
DoE-VI (USA) check check check
CCC (CHN) check check check
BIS (IND)     check
CPS (SGP)      
BSMI (TWN)     check
KC (KOR) check   check
RCM (AUS)   check check
CB check   check
Remark A type pin Multi-Blade (A,B,C,E,N) without AC power cable


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