The Renesas CPX3 Evaluation Kit J80D1 is a power line communication (PLC) evaluation kit for direct current (DC) power lines that can be used to carry out software development and system evaluation using the R9A06G037 PLC modem IC. This evaluation kit supports audio communication solutions. Two or more of this kit are necessary for evaluating PLC communication.


  • Supported MCU and PLC modem IC
    • MCU Group: RX651
    • Part number of MCU mounted on board: R5F56519ADFP
    • PLC modem IC: R9A06G037
    • Part number of PLC modem IC mounted board: R9A06G037
  • Board Configuration: The kit contains the complete circuit configuration necessary for DC power line communication, including analog front end (AFE), a microcontroller for control and a PLC modem IC.
  • The kit contains the following four boards.
    1. PLC board: PLC modem IC (R9A06G037) and AFE device (ISL15110)
    2. RX651 board: Microcontroller board for control (RX651)
    3. Audio board: Audio input/output board
    4. Power filter board: PLC signal elimination filter for impedance upper and DC power source
  • Main unit outer dimensions: 1) + 2) + 3) 135mm x 70mm x 32mm and 4) 40mm x 70mm x 35mm
  • Supported standards/frequencies:
    • 35.9375kHz - 90.625kHz
    • 98.4375kHz - 121.875kHz
    • 154.6875kHz - 403.125kHz
    • 154.6875kHz - 487.5kHz
  • Power line voltage: DC16 - 48V
  • Power feed:
    • Line feed: Feed from power supply to communication line (DC power line) (DC16 - 48V, 0.5A or more is recommended). Does not include feed to audio board.
    • External feed: External feed via AC adapter (DC16 - 48V, 1A or more is recommended).



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