R-Car D3, peripheral circuits, and interfaces provide a 3D graphics cluster solution. This reference board allows developers to evaluate the R-Car D3 SoC and kickstart hardware & software solution.


  • 1920x720 size full graphic cluster and WVGA size HUD can be output simultaneously.
  • R-Car D3 reduces development effort and cost by collaborating with partners who have strengths in the instrument cluster field.
  • R-Car Reference board offers a variety of peripheral circuits and standardized interfaces.
  • 4-layer through-hole PCB implementation reduces cost.



  • Instrument cluster (mid/high end)
  • Automotive instrument cluster


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Manual - Hardware Log in to Download PDF 1.38 MB 日本語
Engineering Log in to Download ZIP 1.16 MB
Manual - Hardware Log in to Download PDF 1.73 MB 日本語
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OctaFlash and LybraFlash Boot Enablement on R-Car Platform (Macronix International Co., Ltd.)

R-Car system can realize fastboot through extreme I/O speed.