Promotion of CSR Procurement

In April 2010, the Renesas Electronics Group established “Renesas Electronics Group CSR Charter”, a guideline for promoting CSR activities. Under this charter, the entire Renesas Electronics Group is working together to carry out CSR activities that must be observed and practiced by customers and other stakeholders through its business.

In promoting CSR, all companies participating in business processes, i.e., the entire supply chain, are required to engage in CSR activities and respond to the various demands of society. The Renesas Electronics Group has worked together to promote CSR initiatives based on a shared understanding with business partner through CSR purchasing surveys based on the guidebook since the formulation and publication of “Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook” (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidebook") in January 2014.

Recently, however, our stakeholders —including shareholders and other investors, corporate customers, and local communities —have expressed the expectation and request that our CSR initiatives become more diverse and sophisticated on a global basis. Likewise, we believe it is important to promote supply chain CSR that includes our suppliers, while becoming increasingly harmonized with international CSR standards in order to meet such expectations. We have joined the RBA* (Responsible Business Alliance), an international organization that promotes supply chain CSR in April 2021, and renewed Guidebook as "Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct". We have revised the content to conform to the latest RBA Code of Conduct.

We look forward to our suppliers understanding and support the content of the code of conduct.

Collaboration with Suppliers

The business of Renesas Electronics is based on the support of a wide variety of suppliers. Therefore, it is important that we work in an interactive and a collaborative manner. One such practice is through joint project engagements to create solutions for common issues. To realize such solutions, both the suppliers and Renesas have to exchange each other’s expertise in the area with an aim for mutual benefit.

We will continue to build a Win-Win relationship based on true partnership.

We ask for your cooperation and support.

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