Promotion of CSR Procurement

We at Renesas Electronics understand that maintaining a good relationship with customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, local communities, employees and other related individuals and organizations is essential to the well-being of our company. Gaining the public's confidence as a responsible corporate citizen is one of our top priorities and will allow us to continuously develop our company.

We recognize that Renesas Electronics could never meet its CSR goals without the cooperation of all the suppliers in the supply chain. Our goal is to promote "CSR procurement" so that we can build long term partnerships with companies that can enhance their corporate value by promoting CSR together with us.

The following lists the CSR activities being undertaken by Renesas Electronics. We ask our suppliers to also take on these activities.

CSR General Requirement

  • Promote positive CSR activities.
  • Contribute to the society and community.

Product Quality and Safety

  • Ensure product safety.
  • Establish and apply a quality management system.

The Environment

  • Control hazardous chemicals in products.
  • Control hazardous chemicals in manufacturing.
  • Establish and apply an environmental management system.
  • Minimize environmental pollution (water, soil, air).
  • Obtain environmental permits.
  • Promote resource and energy saving by reusing, reducing, and recycling.
  • Promote green-house gas reduction.
  • Promote waste reduction.
  • Disclose environmental preservation activities.

Information Security

  • Secure computer networks against threats.
  • Prevent the leakage of personal information.
  • Prevent the leakage of confidential information of the customer and third-party.

Fair Trading

  • Prohibit corruption and bribery.
  • Prohibit abuse of a superior position.
  • Prohibit the offering and receiving of inappropriate profit and advantage.
  • Prohibit impediment to free competition.
  • Provide correct information on products and services.
  • Respect intellectual property.
  • Use appropriate export procedures.
  • Disclose appropriate company information.
  • Detect injustice promptly.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Apply safety measures for equipment and instruments.
  • Promote safe activities in the workplace.
  • Promote hygiene in the workplace.
  • Apply appropriate measures for occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • Properly manage disasters and accidents.
  • Be careful about physically demanding work.
  • Promote safety and hygiene in all company facilities.
  • Promote health maintenance programs for employees.

Human Rights

  • Prohibit forced labor.
  • Prohibit inhumane treatment and infringements of human rights.
  • Prohibit child labor.
  • Prohibit discrimination.
  • Pay appropriate wages.
  • Control working hours.
  • Respect the right to freedom of association.

Collaboration with Suppliers

The business of Renesas Electronics is based on the support of a wide variety of suppliers. Therefore, it is important that we work in an interactive and a collaborative manner. One such practice is through joint project engagements to create solutions for common issues. To realize such solutions, both the suppliers and Renesas have to exchange each other’s expertise in the area with an aim for mutual benefit.

We will continue to build a Win-Win relationship based on true partnership.

We ask for your cooperation and support.

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