To be demonstrated live for the first time at Sensors Converge expo Sept 22-23

September 13, 2021

MARYLAND ― Reality AI today announced the availability of RealityCheck AD, an anomaly detection solution for factory settings that automatically learns the normal behavior of machines and reports on abnormalities. RealityCheck AD consists of a vibration sensor or microphone, an edge node running AI software from Reality AI, and an engineering workstation in the cloud for monitoring equipment and developing more sophisticated models. Customers in industrial settings can use Reality AI to find patterns in idle time, automatically discover mechanical causes, and predict the remaining useful life of components. It can also be used for end-of-line quality control testing, spotting abnormalities in product function, and specific defects.

RealityCheck AD is now available for early access to select customers.

Customers can configure RealityCheck AD by plugging in their chosen supported sensors, attaching them to their equipment, and initializing the machine learning program. RealityCheck AD then begins to monitor input data, collecting a baseline for anomaly detection. When it has sufficient data, the edge node will switch to inference mode, delivering detection of abnormal behavior in the input sensors without further input required from the user. Customers can then collect anomalous data over time and use Reality AI Tools® software to generate more advanced models for the classification of anomalies and prediction of remaining useful life.

RealityCheck AD comes with several different options for edge nodes from hardened industrial IoT gateways to Rasberry Pi. Sensor options include high-performance vibration sensors, as well as more economical options. Explosion-proof versions are available for customers in energy and process industries that require them. RealityCheck AD also contains APIs for integration into dashboards, manufacturing information systems, and workflow systems.

“This is an exciting development for Reality AI, as we take our award-winning software for product designers and R&D engineers, and adapt it to deliver groundbreaking capabilities for operations technology engineers as well.,” said Stuart Feffer, CEO at Reality AI.

RealityCheck AD will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at Sensors Converge Expo in San Jose from September 21 thru 23, 2021.

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