Family: RAJ280003 is 2. 5mohm single channel Intelligent Power Devices (IPD) embedded in TO263-7 package. It is N-channel high-side switches with charge pump, diagnostic feedback with proportional load current sense and embedded protection function. Family includes up to 4 devices depending on on-state resistance, input interface combination between current driven and voltage driven. Scalability: Variety of on-state resistance combined with standardized package on pin-out give user high flexibility for unit design depending on target load. Robustness: Because of advanced protection method, RAJ280003 achieves high robustness against long term and repetitive short circuit condition.


  • Built-in charge pump
  • 3.3V compatible logic interface
  • Low standby current
  • Short circuit protection Shutdown by over current detection Power limitation protection by over load detection (Power limitation: current limitation with delta Tch control) Shutdown by absolute channel over temperature detection
  • Built-in diagnostic function Proportional load current sensing Defined fault signal in case of abnormal load condition
  • Reverse battery protection by self-turn ON
  • Loss of ground protection
  • Under voltage lock out
  • Active clamp operation at inductive load switch off
  • AEC Qualified
  • RoHS compliant


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