The RX111 is the perfect 32-bit MCU for any wireless implementation. With enhanced digital-signal processing (DSP) capabilities and performance up to 50 DMIPs it has the performance needed for Cloud-based Wi-Fi applications, but with efficient, True Low Power (100uA/MHz) operation and ultra-low power standby modes (as low as 350 nA) it can also maximize battery life in battery-powered BLE and Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless applications.

What is the RX111 Cloud Connectivity Kit?

The fast, easy way to develop embedded IoT systems with robust Wi-Fi and Smart Home capabilities.

The Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit for the RX111(YWIRELESS-RX111) provides a powerful platform for evaluating IoT applications on the RX111 microcontroller. The RX111 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit is ideal for sensor and node-based IoT soluations requiring Wi-Fi, with easy set-up and configuration using the Micrium® Spectrum™ pre-integrated portfolio of embedded software and their protocol stacks designed for IoT applications, Micrium's µC/Probe™ graphic visualization tool, and Medium One's cloud-based platform with data intelligence.

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What are the RX111-based Symphony LoRa®-based modules from Link Labs?

Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Link Labs is a leading innovator in low power, wide-area network technologies that power the Internet of Things (IoT). Link Labs’ patented Symphony Link technology provides secure connectivity for IoT devices. As a founding member of the LoRa Alliance™, Link Labs introduced the first FCC-certified production LoRa products into the market. Link Labs’ Symphony Link powered by the RX111 offers best-in-class long range, low power connectivity.

Link Labs

Link Labs excels in taking a concept from initial hardware design all the way through the delivery of a commercial product and has done so for dozens of enterprises around the world. Symphony Link powers a range of IoT applications across many industries, including smart cities, agriculture, building controls, automotive, healthcare, government, defense, retail, and utilities.

  • Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) Wireless Solutions are Ideal for applications needing:
    • Long battery life (5+ years)
    • Long range (3-5 km outdoors)
    • Low data volume applications (under 1,000 bytes/day)
    • Low cost modem hardware (around $20 in volume)
  • Other wireless all have performance, battery usage, and/or cost barriers.
    • Bluetooth—low cost, short range, good battery life
    • ZigBee—low/medium cost, medium range, good battery life, expensive network infrastructure
    • WiFi—low/medium cost, medium range, medium battery life, expensive network infrastructure
    • Cellular M2M—high cost, medium/long range, poor battery life, expensive network infrastructure
RX111 Smart Systems
  • Smart Cities
    • Parking meter, street lights, gas and water meters, demand response, etc
  • Smart Agriculture
    • Soil moisture, livestock tracking, tank levels, weather stations, asset tracking
  • Building Management
    • lighting, occupancy sensing, HVAC, leak sensors, energy usage
  • Security systems
    • Alarms, locks, security lighting, occupancy sensing
  • Location Tracking Systems
    • Wander management, asset tracking, pet management