Yamauchi Kazutoyo
Senior Staff Engineer
Published: June 17, 2022

The Renesas RX MCU team has been presenting proposals to make the use of DSP easier.

  • Implementing DSP at low cost
  • Visualizing DSP operation
  • Proposals for the use of DSP with RX MCUs

DSP has been implemented in various fields such as home electric appliances, industry, and health/medical care. In addition, the range of use is getting wider due to ongoing IoT/Cloud.
On the other hand, DSP is often considered as difficult and high cost, so people apparently hesitate to start the development of a system using DSP. 


Then, as an example of the use of a DSP to be implemented at low cost, we have released the sample program of the FIR filter using the latest low-end RX140 RX family MCU.

  • Inputs analog signals directly to RX140 (Sampling frequency: around 10kHz)
  • Makes a judgment of the frequency band of the input signal by three FIR filters.
  • Displays the judgment result with LEDs on the evaluation board.
  • Visualizes input/output signals to/from the FIR filter using the waveform display function of Integrated Development Environment e2 studio.
System overview of sample program
e2 studioによるFIRフィルタの入力信号と出力信号の可視化
Visualizing input/output signals to/from FIR filter by e² studio

The sample program is designed to leverage the strengths of the RX140.

  • Mounts RXv2 core that can perform high-speed DSP operation
  • Utilizes DSP Library for RX Family that maximizes the performance of RXv1/v2/v3 CPU
  • Realizes the system with a single chip (A/D conversion, DSP, HMI)

By referring to this sample program, you can develop the system with DSP application in a short period. The sample program is an example of a simple implementation of the FIR filters, and digital filters can be applied for various applications. (Analyzing sensing data, improving voice recognition accuracy, enhancing power supply quality, etc.) 

Please consider developing a DSP system application using the latest RX140 MCU.
For more detailed information, visit here:

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