Dishwashers require fine-grained control over water pumps, complex system control over valves, and so on. To meet these requirements, Renesas Electronics supplies the RX24T Group, RX66T Group, RL78/G14 Group and RL78/G1F Group microcontrollers as solutions for system control, and the RX230 Group, RX651 Group, RL78/G1N Group and the RA4M1 Group for operation. These chips are designed to meet demand for advanced functionality, high-performance, reduced power consumption, and lower cost.


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Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Products Features
RX651 Group
Enhanced DSP/FPU, Connectivity (USB), HMI (Capacitive Touch), Security, Low power consumption, 5V
Large-capacity RAM, Connectivity (Ethernet, USB), HMI (LCD), Security, Motor
RL78/G1N Group 8-bit general-purpose MCU, Large-current output for LED drive

RA4M1 Group

Arm Cortex-M4 with LCD Controller and Capacitive Touch for HMI
Control MCU MCU RX24T Group
RX66T Group
32-bit MCU including on-chip FPU enable to drive two motors simultaneously
RXv3 Core, Motor specialized specifications (max.4 motors)
RL78/G14 Group
RL78/G1F Group
Three-phase complementary PWM output, Rich line-up
Multifunctional microcontrollers with enhanced functionality suitable for sensor-less BLDC motor control


HS3001 High-Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Sensor Output Op-amp READ2303G
Full range input/output, high slew rate
Low power consumption, high slew rate

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