This is a total solution for an induction heating (IH) rice cooker that includes a heating block and human-machine interface (HMI). A highly integrated smart insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) driver and controller, as well as a low-loss IGBT, help to realize a simple and high-performance IH rice cooker.

System Benefits​:

  • This total IH solution is made simpler and high-performance with the use of a smart IGBT driver/controller and highly capable 1250V, 25A IGBT.
  • HMI and touch key display are supported by a single compact MCU.
  • Ultra-low standby power and up to 2.5W output power are provided by a single high-performance buck regulator.




  • Induction heating (IH) rice cooker
  • Induction heating (IH) cooker

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JP188 JP188' JP188 JP188 Touch Key Touch Key Touch Key Touch Key Touch-Key Sheet.685 Sheet.686 Sheet.687 Sheet.688 Sheet.689 Sheet.690 Sheet.691 Sheet.692 Sheet.693 Smart IGBT Driver & Controller Smart IGBT Driver & Controller Smart IGBT Driver & Controller LDO LDO LDO Right arrow 1pt.125 Double arrow 1pt.120 Right arrow 1pt.125.704 Label text 10pt 3.3V <10mA 3.3V<10mA Right arrow 1pt.125.709 Down arrow 1pt.127 Line 1pt.126 AC/DC AC/DC AC/DC Right arrow 1pt.125.722 Label Text 10pt.728 18V <30mA 18V <30mA AC 100~200V AC 100~200V AC100~200V Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.731 Sheet.732 Sheet.733 Sheet.734 Sheet.735 Sheet.736 Sheet.737 Sheet.738 Sheet.739 Heating Coil Heating Coil Heating Coil Line 1pt.126.743 Line 1pt.744 IGBT IGBT IGBT 900V > 1A 900V > 1A 900V > 1A Right arrow 1pt.125.747 Sheet.748 Non-Elect Cap Sheet.750 Sheet.751 Sheet.752 Sheet.753 Sheet.754 Line 1pt.126.762 Line 1pt.769 Line 1pt.770 Line 1pt.771 Down arrow.256 Jar Sheet.804 Sheet.805 Label Text 10pt.823 Jar Jar Line.254 Line.835 Isolated PWM Controller Isolated PWM Controller Isolated PWM Controller Sheet.841 Sheet.822 Sheet.839 Sheet.840 Connector.287 Down arrow.256.843 Connector.287.844 Line.254.845 Connector.287.846 Connector.287.847 MCU MCU MCU MCU LCD LCD LCD GPIO GPIO GPIO I2C I2C I2C Buzzer Speaker speaker_8_ Sheet.713 Sheet.714 Sheet.715 Sheet.716 Label text 10pt.778 Buzzer Buzzer Transformer Label Text 10pt.803 Transformer Transformer Sheet.833 Sheet.831 Sheet.832 Sheet.809 Sheet.810 Sheet.811 Sheet.812 Sheet.813 Sheet.814 Sheet.815 Sheet.816 Sheet.817
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