This design is powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels and batteries, and it monitors the temperature, humidity, ambient illuminance, and trash level inside a waste bin. It detects human proximity and offers buttonless control. Leveraging the LTE-M/NB-IoT platform, it can efficiently send out maintenance messages when the waste bin is full, or warning messages in the event of dangerous conditions.

System Benefits​:

  • The new RL78 MCU generation provides further refined low-power performance and enhanced capacitive sensing unit (CTSU2L). It supports a touchless button system lessening concerns over contaminated surfaces.
  • The cellular module delivers the most mature and field-proven LTE-M/NB-IoT protocol stack.
  • High-performance and quality sensors detect multiple environmental data.
  • Low-power design and high-performance power system support green energy.




  • Smart city

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16:9 Connector double arrow.623 Sheet.478 Connector 1 CN199 CN199 CN199 Buck/Boost Buck/Boost Buck/Boost Buck Buck Buck 3.3V/1A 3.3V/1A 3.3V/1A 12V/max 1A 12V/max 1A 12V/max 1A 4.5 to 60V 4.5 to 60V 4.5 to 60V PV Panel PV Panel PV Panel Touch Key Sheet.253 Sheet.254 Sheet.255 Sheet.256 Sheet.257 Sheet.258 Sheet.259 Sheet.260 Sheet.261 Touchless Button Touchless Button TouchlessButton HVPAK HVPAK HVPAK Light Sensor Light Sensor Light Sensor ToF Sensor ToF Sensor ToF Sensor LTE-M Module GM02S LTE-M Module GM02S LTE-M Module GM02S 12V 12V 12V Sheet.314 Connector Arrow.506 Connector Arrow.509 Connector Arrow.510 Connector Arrow.511 Connector Arrow.512 Resistor Ground Sheet.322 Sheet.323 Sheet.324 Sheet.325 MCU MCU MCU CTSU2L CTSU2L CTSU2L SPI SPI SPI GPIO GPIO GPIO UART UART UART I2C I2C I2C GPIO GPIO GPIO Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.594 Connector Arrow.598 Connector Arrow.602 Connector Arrow.604 Connector 1.605 Connector Line.607 Connector Arrow.608 Connector Line.609 Connector 1.610 Connector double arrow.611 Connector Arrow.613 Connector Arrow.618 Connector Arrow.620 Connector 1.622 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Temperature/Humidity Sensor Temperature/Humidity Sensor Infrared Infrared Infrared Sheet.472 Sheet.492 Sheet.523 Sheet.509 Darlington.131 Connector Arrow.524 Connector Arrow.526 Connector Arrow.527 Connector 1.529 Connector Line.606 Battery.27 Sheet.532 Sheet.533 Sheet.534 Connector Line Warning/Alarm Warning/Alarm Warning/Alarm Connector double arrow.537 Connector Arrow.538 Connector 1.539 Connector Arrow.541 Connector Arrow.544 Connector Arrow.545 Connector 1.546 Connector Arrow.547 Connector 1.548 Connector Arrow.549 Connector 1.551 Connector Arrow.552 Connector 1.553 Connector Arrow.554 Connector Arrow.555 Connector 1.557 Connector 1.558 Connector Arrow.559 Connector Arrow.560 Sheet.601 Sheet.563 Darlington.564 Sheet.565 Sheet.566 Darlington.254 Sheet.568 Sheet.569 Darlington.254 Sheet.598 Connector Line.599 Sheet.600 Sheet.602 Sheet.573 Sheet.574 Darlington.131 Sheet.576 Sheet.577 Darlington.254 Sheet.579 Sheet.580 Darlington.254 Connector Line.594 Sheet.597 TX TX TX RX RX RX Detect Full Detect Full Detect Full Detect Night Detect Night Detect Night Fire Detection Fire Detection Fire Detection Motor Sheet.609 Sheet.610 M M DC Motor DC Motor DC Motor Connector Arrow.612 Connector 1.613 Connector Line.614 Connector Line.615 Connector 1.616 Connector Line.617 Connector Arrow.618 Solar Panel MOSFET 1 MOSFET MOSFET MOSFET 2 MOSFET MOSFET FGIC FGIC FGIC FGIC MUX MUX MUX ∆Σ ADC ∆Σ ADC ∆ΣADC UART UART UART C-FET C-FET C-FET VCC VCC VCC D-FET D-FET D-FET
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