This human machine interface (HMI) solution board with high-end 32-bit MCU supports GUI creation using an LCD display, HMI development using voice input/output, and IoT device development using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), Ethernet, etc. aggregated into the system. By installing a pre-installed demo and emulator circuit, you can immediately develop and experience this HMI solution.

System Benefits​:

  • A total solution kit with a variety of I/O peripherals, facilitating the development of solutions for a variety of applications.
  • Rich interfaces support expansion of solution functions and various development circumstances.
  • Provides an audio codec IC with a stereo MEMS microphone to support voice input and output.
  • Provides sample code such as voice recognition, GUI, LCD display, and connection between AWS Cloud and FreeRTOS to facilitate system development.




  • Industrial
  • Office automation
  • Consumer