Recycling food and other organic waste into compost offers various environmental benefits, such as enhancing soil health, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, recycling nutrients, and more. The compost maker transforms kitchen waste into pre-compost material for use in gardening, providing an efficient method to reduce domestic food waste. Users can configure the unit and monitor its status on their mobile devices using Wi-Fi.

System Benefits:

  • Motor control and capacitive touch unit.
  • Certified ultra-low power Wi-Fi module for smart connectivity, designed to simplify and expedite the development process, reducing time to market.
  • High-performance sensors for detecting multiple environmental conditions inside the compost maker.
  • HV motor drive for better grinding.




  • Smart home
  • Smart appliances

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4:3 ratio Sheet.245 Sheet.249 Sheet.250 Non-Renesas Component.312 IGBT IGBT IGBT Filter & Protection Filter & Protection Filter & Protection Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 AS063 AS063 AS063 Key Inputs Key Inputs Key Inputs AC Power Source Sheet.47 Alternating Current Capacitor Polarized.54 Sheet.55 Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Ground (earth) Sheet.60 Sheet.61 Sheet.62 Sheet.63 Ground (earth).64 Sheet.65 Sheet.66 Sheet.67 Sheet.68 Resistor - Fixed Ground Sheet.71 Sheet.72 Resistor - Fixed.78 Shunt Sheet.80 Sheet.81 Sheet.83 Sheet.84 Sheet.90 Bridge Rectifier Sheet.10 Sheet.11 Sheet.12 Sheet.13 Sheet.14 Sheet.15 Sheet.16 Sheet.17 Sheet.18 Sheet.19 Sheet.20 Sheet.21 Sheet.22 Sheet.23 Sheet.24 Sheet.25 Label Text 10pt.262 ~ ~ Label Text 10pt.87 ~ ~ Label Text 10pt.262.88 + + Label Text 10pt.262.89 - - Sheet.91 Sheet.93 Sheet.94 Sheet.95 Sheet.96 Sheet.97 Bridge Rectifier Bridge Rectifier Bridge Rectifier Capacitor Non-polarized Sheet.37 Sheet.39 Sheet.40 Capacitor Non-polarized .41 Sheet.42 Sheet.44 Sheet.45 Transformer Inductor Coreless (Air conductor) Sheet.27 Sheet.28 Sheet.29 Sheet.30 Sheet.31 Sheet.32 Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Sheet.35 Sheet.38 Sheet.43 Sheet.85 Sheet.102 Sheet.103 Sheet.104 Sheet.105 Sheet.106 Connector 1.163 Connector 1.163.108 320V DC 320V DC 320V DC Sheet.110 Connector 1.163.111 Sheet.128 Sheet.129 Sheet.130 Sheet.131 Sheet.132 Sheet.133 Sheet.134 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.137 Sheet.138 Sheet.139 Sheet.140 Sheet.141 Sheet.142 Sheet.143 Sheet.144 Sheet.145 Sheet.146 Sheet.147 Sheet.148 Sheet.149 Sheet.150 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.153 Sheet.154 Sheet.155 Sheet.156 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 Sheet.160 Sheet.161 Sheet.162 Sheet.163 Sheet.164 Sheet.165 Sheet.166 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.169 Sheet.170 Sheet.171 Sheet.172 Sheet.173 Sheet.174 Sheet.175 Sheet.176 Sheet.177 Sheet.178 Sheet.179 Sheet.180 Sheet.181 Sheet.182 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.185 Sheet.186 Sheet.187 Sheet.188 Sheet.189 Sheet.190 Sheet.191 Sheet.192 Sheet.193 Sheet.194 Sheet.195 Sheet.196 Sheet.197 Sheet.198 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.201 Sheet.202 Sheet.203 Sheet.204 Sheet.205 Sheet.206 Sheet.207 Sheet.208 Sheet.209 Sheet.210 Sheet.211 Sheet.212 Sheet.213 Sheet.214 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.217 Sheet.218 Sheet.219 Sheet.220 Sheet.221 Sheet.222 Sheet.223 Sheet.241 Sheet.242 Sheet.243 Sheet.238 Sheet.239 Sheet.240 Motor Sheet.247 Sheet.248 M M Q1 Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q3 Q3 Q3 Q6 Q6 Q6 Q5 Q5 Q5 Q4 Q4 Q4 U U U V V V W W W U U U V V V W W W R_Single R_Single Shunt R_Single Shunt Sheet.264 Sheet.265 Sheet.266 Sheet.267 220uF450V 220uF 450V 220uF450V 220uF450V 220uF 450V 220uF450V Sheet.270 Sheet.271 Sheet.272 Sheet.273 Op Amp 1 Op Amp Op Amp Op Amp 2 Op Amp Op Amp Sheet.276 Sheet.277 Sheet.278 Sheet.279 Sheet.280 Sheet.281 Connector 1.163.282 5V 5V 5V 5V 5V 5V Sheet.285 IGBT Gate Driver *6 IGBT Gate Driver *6 IGBT Gate Driver *6 15V 15V 15V Sheet.288 Sheet.289 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 Shunt.293 Sheet.294 Sheet.295 Sheet.296 Shunt.297 Sheet.298 Sheet.299 Sheet.300 Shunt.301 Sheet.302 Sheet.303 Sheet.304 Sheet.305 Ground (earth).307 Sheet.308 Sheet.309 Sheet.310 Sheet.311 Sheet.314 Sheet.315 Sheet.316 Sheet.319 Sheet.320 Sheet.321 Sheet.322 Sheet.323 3.3V/500mAmax 3.3V/500mAmax 3.3V/500mAmax 5V/2Amax 5V/2Amax 5V/2Amax Segment LCD Display Unit Segment LCD Display Unit Segment LCD Display Unit Sheet.327 Sheet.328 Sheet.329 Sheet.330 2 2 2 2 Sheet.333 5V/10mA 5V/10mA 5V/10mA Sheet.335 Sheet.336 Sheet.352 Sheet.353 Sheet.354 Sheet.355 Sheet.356 Sheet.357 Sheet.358 Sheet.359 Humidity & Temperature Sensor Humidity & Temperature Sensor Humidity & Temperature Sensor Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi MOSFET 1 MOSFET MOSFET N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.375 Sheet.376 Sheet.377 Sheet.378 Sheet.379 Sheet.380 Sheet.381 Sheet.382 Sheet.383 Sheet.384 Sheet.385 Sheet.386 Sheet.387 Sheet.388 Connect.50 Sheet.390 Sheet.391 Sheet.392 MOSFET 2 MOSFET MOSFET N-Channel MOSFET.396 Sheet.397 Sheet.398 Sheet.399 Sheet.400 Sheet.401 Sheet.402 Sheet.403 Sheet.404 Sheet.405 Sheet.406 Sheet.407 Sheet.408 Sheet.409 Sheet.410 Connect.50 Sheet.412 Sheet.413 Sheet.414 Heating Coil Heating Coil Heating Coil 15V from RAA223021 15V 15V Sheet.441 Sheet.417 Sheet.418 Sheet.420 Sheet.421 Sheet.440 Sheet.460 Sheet.465 Sheet.466 Sheet.467 Sheet.468 Connector 1.163.470 Sheet.475 VBUS Sense VBUS Sense VBUS Sense Connector 1.163.477 AC AC AC Connector 1.163.479 Capacitor Polarized.480 Sheet.481 Sheet.482 Sheet.483 Sheet.484 Sheet.485 Sheet.486 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 1 1 1 1 Sheet.492 1 1 1 1 Sheet.495 1 1 1 1 Sheet.498 3 3 3 3 Sheet.501 5V/24.4 µA 5V/ 24.4 µA 5V/24.4 µA 2 2 2 2 Sheet.506 2 2 2 2 Sheet.509 Sheet.510 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V Sheet.512 Sheet.513 Sheet.514 Sheet.515 Sheet.516 Sheet.517 Sheet.518 Sheet.519 2 2 2 2 Sheet.522 Connector 1.163.523 Sheet.524 Sheet.525 5V 5V 5V Sheet.527 LDO LDO LDO DC/DC Buck 1 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck 2 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck Connector 1.534 Connector 1.535 Current Sense Current Sense Current Sense Sheet.537 MCU MCU MCU ADC ADC ADC ADC ADC ADC PWM PWM PWM IRQ IRQ IRQ I2C I2C I2C CTSU CTSU CTSU VCC VCC VCC ADC COMP ADC COMP ADC COMP I2C I2C I2C UART UART UART IRQ IRQ IRQ I2C I2C I2C PWM PWM PWM Sheet.538 GreenPAK GreenPAK GreenPAK PWM PWM PWM I2C I2C I2C AMP AMP AMP ACMP ACMP ACMP VCC VCC VCC
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