This system is designed for cordless and rechargeable battery-powered gardening tools. It consists of a battery front-end, responsible for monitoring and controlling battery life, and a specialized Renesas motor control microcontroller (MCU) along with a smart gate driver, which drives the BLDC motor. In this application, the 20V leaf blower offers adjustable speeds to optimize usage and prolong battery life. Moreover, the battery can be easily connected to a standalone charging dock.

System Benefits:

  • Renesas’ RL78 MCUs provide compact size, the industry’s lowest current consumption, and advanced motor control functionality, including rotor position detection.
  • The smart gate driver provides high efficiency, accuracy, and superior safety features, ensuring optimal support for motor applications.
  • Highly configurable and effective battery management products are designed to support consumer battery-driven systems.




  • Cordless and rechargeable battery-powered gardening tools

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