This solution is for a smart traveling follow-me bag. Smart bags are revolutionizing the travel bag industry and are especially useful for elderly travelers, kids, and pregnant women so they do not need to drag a travel bag during their commute. Detachable battery packs are useful for easy charging. With advanced AI accelerator and object detection, motion detection, and Time of Flight (ToF) for distance detection, the smart travel bag can move on its own while following its owner.

System Benefits:

  • Built-in AI accelerator DRP-AI for vision in the RZ/V2L microprocessor
  • SLG74105 HVPAK™ programmable mixed-signal matrix for multiple-axis motor drive
  • Object detection and Time of Flight for distance detection
  • Weight detection using pressure sensing in the ZCS31050 sensor signal conditioner (SSC)
  • DA14531MOD SmartBond TINY™ Bluetooth® Low Energy Module for smartphone connectivity
  • Alarm, LED fault indications for low battery, tracking loss, etc.




  • Smart Travel Bag
  • Smart Lock