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Thank you for using the R-Car Consortium site. This site was switched over to a new system from 30th May 2016. You can not use your old login ID and password on this new site. On this new site, an Alliance Partner Program login ID and password will be required to access the member site.

If you already have an Alliance Partner Program account, you will automatically be granted access to the new R-Car Consortium member site when it launches. If you cannot access the member site, please contact toolpartner@renesas.com.

If you do not yet have an Alliance Partner Program account, please follow the procedure in the registration manual to sign up. Once you have an Alliance Partner Program account, please contact toolpartner@renesas.com to request access to the R-Car Consortium member site.


Renesas Alliance Partner Program Portal Site Registration Manual

News & Events

  • Apr 11 2017

    News Release
    Renesas Electronics Unveils the Renesas Autonomy™, Open, Innovative and Trusted Platform to Further Extend its Commitment to ADAS and Automated Driving

  • Mar 21 2017

    18th Seminar report was posted.

  • Jan 4 2017

    News Release
    Green Hills Software to Showcase High Assurance Platforms for Automotive Cockpit with Renesas' R-Car

  • Nov 8 2016

    News Release
    Renesas Electronics Delivers All-in-One ADAS View Solution Kit for Surround View, Electronic Mirrors and Driver Monitoring for Autonomous Driving

  • Oct 19 2016

    News Release
    Renesas Electronics Delivers Highly Automated Driving Solution Kit to Accelerate Development of Autonomous-Driving Vehicles

  • Oct 19 2016

    News Release
    Renesas Electronics Introduces Two Versions of Third-Generation R-Car Starter Kits to Deliver “One Kit Per Engineer” Software Development Environment

  • Oct 6 2016

    News Release
    Renesas Electronics Delivers Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication System Solutions for the Autonomous-Driving Era

  • Aug 8 2016

    17th Seminar report was posted.

  • Jul 12 2016

    News Release
    VOSYSmonitor, a low latency Monitor layer for Mixed-Criticality Systems

  • Jul 8 2016

    News Release
    Automotive Linux Summit 2016 Showcase by NTT DATA MSE

  • May 23 2016

    16th Seminar report was posted.

  • Mar 7 2016

    15th Seminar report was posted.

  • Feb 17 2016

    News Release
    Renesas Electronics Releases R-Car D1 Series of Automotive SoCs Specialized for 3D Graphics Clusters

  • Feb 16 2016

    News Release
    Rightware Collaborates with Renesas Electronics

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What is R-Car Consortium?

Renesas Electronics launched the SH-Navi and EMMA CAR series (SoC for car-mounted information devices)on the CIS market, which have built up a reputation for high reliability and technical achievement. Integrate these two technologies into the R-Car series product to deploy a new product line. Through collaborations with various partners that position the R-Car series as the core technology, the R-car consortium is a membership site (registration required) where you can track and create CIS solutions. (*CIS stands for Car Information System.)

The R-Car Consortium aims to lead the CIS market through:

  • Collaboration with partners
  • Mutual cooperation to shorten the development period (accelerate development)
  • Enhancement of a support system
  • Implementation of next-generation CIS solutions