Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Solutions

Industry's highest class sub-GHz wireless communication solutions
in terms of performance and ease of design

Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Solutions

Sub-gigahertz (sub-GHz) wireless communications1 technology uses waves around the 920 MHz band. With the proliferation of the Wi-SUN Alliance's international wireless communication standards, sub-GHz wireless communications are being rapidly adopted by the market. Compared to Wi-Fi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which use the 2.4 GHz band, sub-GHz wireless communications have the following features.


Better distanceCircumvention of obstructionsCircumvention of obstructions

Renesas offers sub-GHz wireless communication solutions with a high-performance IEEE802.15.4g-compliant system on chip, convenient starter kits, and software stacks certified by the Wi-SUN Alliance to help you easily start developing your application.



  1. FSK communication compliant with IEEE802.15.4g.
  2. Range of communication varies depending on mode, obstructions, presence of shielding, layout conditions, surroundings, and so on, so these distance values are not categorical. They are reference values only, and are not guaranteed.

Applications of Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Solutions

Smart grid

Building management and lighting

Infrastructure monitoring

Smart meter

Factory automation, sensing, and remote control

Smart agriculture and fishing industry

Disaster & crime prevention and security

Smart home and HEMS

Monitoring (sick, elderly, children)

Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Devices With High Performance and Ease of Design

Renesas' sub-GHz wireless communication devices are a wireless communications IC and microcontrollers (MCUs) with on-chip wireless function. The RAA604S00 wireless communications IC has built-in RF peripheral components and hardware supporting IEEE 802.15.4g/e, and realizes the lowest level of current consumption in the industry. The RL78/G1H MCU with on-chip wireless function is a single-chip solution integrating the ultra-low-power RL78 core with wireless communication function. Choose from these two devices according to the needs of your system.


High PerformanceEase of Design


SubGHz Transceiver (RAA604S00) User’s Manual: Hardware

RL78/G1H User’s Manual: Hardware

RL78/G1H and RAA604S00 product information

RL78 Family RF Products

Starters Kits For Easy Development and Evaluation

These evaluation boards have been certified for technical standard conformance for Japan and CE certification for the European Union, and are used by the Certified Test Bed Unit (CTBU) authorized by the Wi-SUN Alliance.
Choose from among three starter kits according to the needs of your system.


RL78/G1H Low power single-chip solution TK-RLG1H+SBRX651 + RAA604S00 High-performance solution MB-RX604S-02 (RX651)RL78/G14 + RAA604S00 Low power solution RL604S Stick

*These evaluation boards are developed, manufactured, and sold by Tessera Technology.
 For product details, please contact Tessera Technology.


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Software Stacks That Facilitate System Design

Software for Renesas' sub-GHz wireless communication solutions use internationally standardized Wi-SUN profiles (Route B, FAN, HAN, and Enhanced HAN) on the Renesas RX651 microcontroller + RAA604S00 set or on the RL78/G1H microcontroller to provide stacks. The software undergoes interconnection testing by the standardization organization, the Wi-SUN Alliance, so you can carry out system design for a wireless network with peace of mind.
Choose from among three packages according to the needs of your system.


RF Driver PackageMAC Stack PackageIP Stack Package


Software details

Example of Sub-GHz Wireless Network

The IP stack package supports Wi-SUN HAN Profile Route B (1:1 communication), HAN (1:N communication), and FAN (multi-hop communication) IP networks.


Example of Sub-GHz Wireless NetworkExample of FAN multi-hop
communication Wireless Network

Evaluation Tools For Visualizing Wireless Communications

Wireless signal strength is easily affected by obstructions in an outdoor environment and other factors, so analyzing the state of communications is difficult. Renesas offers evaluation tools that can visualize wireless communication data and display an analysis of that data.


RF Test StudioRF Sniffer


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With the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless networks are used to relay data back and forth between devices that are equipped with communication functions, and network system complexity and scale are expected to increase. The Wi-SUN Alliance drives the standardization and creation of profiles for communication protocols that can ensure interconnectivity in these diversifying networks. Renesas has been a strong promoter of research and development and international standardization for the Wi-SUN Alliance since its establishment, and develops solutions that support the protocols of the Wi-SUN Alliance.

profiles of the Wi-SUN Alliance


Information about Wi-SUN