VirtualZero™: Our ultra-low power Wi-Fi solutions are designed for IoT applications where extended battery life, high RF performance, robust security and ease of application development are key market needs.


Home Appliances

The vision of the smart home is coming, and home appliances are its integral part. Connected appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers allow users to remotely check their status and control their operation. Connectivity allows devices to be more power-efficient and environmentally friendly. Renesas offers the most secure, energy-efficient and reliable Wi-Fi products for home appliance makers with reduced time to market.

Smart Doorbells

Doorbells are the gateway to a smarter and safer home. Smart doorbells combine technology and the traditional doorbell enabling a range of use cases such as motion detection-based notifications, automated recording of the video footage, and remote parcel delivery. Doorbells can connect with other smart home devices to provide control and convenience while making the home safer. Renesas’ Wi-Fi platform provides industry-leading battery life for battery-powered doorbell applications without compromising on the range and wireless signal quality.

Smart Door Locks

Wi-Fi smart door locks are becoming increasingly popular in Smart Homes. In a typical smart lock, the high current motor and Wi-Fi are the key sources of battery drainage. As a result, the battery only lasts up to a few weeks. Replacing batteries on a regular basis is time consuming, costly and it negatively impacts the user’s perception of the product quality. Renesas’ DA16200 is the world’s first Wi-Fi SoC that enables 1+ year battery life for smart door locks solving one of the key technology hurdles for door lock makers.

Smart IoT Sensors

Billions of wireless IoT sensors are expected to be deployed in the next few years. These everyday IoT sensors such as smart plugs and switches, garage door operators, smart lights, and fire/smoke detectors will become smarter through low-cost IoT technologies such as wireless transmitters and receivers. But transmitting and receiving data continuously is energy consuming and most IoT sensors will be battery operated. This technology challenge is resolved by Renesas VirtualZero™ technology that enables low-cost, energy efficient IoT sensors with multiple years of battery life.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats provide comfort to smart homeowners by adjusting the temperature intelligently while reducing the energy bill and environmental footprint. Renesas’ Wi-Fi products have been adopted by leading thermostat makers because of their long battery life, reliability, and range characteristics.

Pet trackers

Smart pet trackers are small wireless devices that can be attached to a dog's or cat's collar, so owners can always track their pet's location, monitor their health, or measure their activity levels. The tracker that requires recharging every few hours is of no use. The battery life of a reliable tracking IoT device must be long enough to last for months, if not years. We developed our low-power chips to provide energy-efficient pet trackers, which address one of the major challenges in making pet trackers and provide long battery life.

EV chargers

The charging of electric vehicles is becoming more sophisticated as manufacturers strive to make it more cost-effective for homes and businesses. To optimize energy consumption, smart chargers make it possible to monitor, manage, and restrict the use of their devices remotely. As well as optimizing charging, our Wi-Fi technology enables easy setup and monitoring via a mobile app.


Having wearables connected is a way of transforming lives, personalizing treatments, and enabling elders to live independently. With Wi-Fi now ubiquitous in wearables and connected health, it plays a major role in realizing the vision of digital health. It has a major drawback, high power consumption, that demands daily battery charging, which is critical to overall customer satisfaction. Our low power chips offer wearable makers more than one year of battery life, allowing them to utilize wireless technology fully in medical environments.

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Demonstration of Matter Protocol Using DA16200

Matter is single unified IP-based protocol to securely and robustly connect smart devices with each other, regardless of brand, and across smart home ecosystems.

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