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Wi-Fi implementation is made simple and fast by adding a comprehensive suite of AT-Commands to our wireless family (DA16200 Wi-Fi and DA16600 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Low Energy combo).

You can access the industry-leading low power features of the DA16200/DA16600 family simply, quickly and without having to develop any complex software on the Wi-Fi side.

  • A full end-to-end solution
  • Fast prototyping, fast implementation, fast to market
  • Ready to use examples for drag and drop


  • Fast and easy development
  • Limited software development
  • No Wi-Fi stack knowledge needed
  • Fully certified DA16200 module
AT Command


  • Wi-Fi provisioning
  • MQTT commands
  • Sleep commands
  • Firmware update Over-the-Air commands (OTA)
  • GPIO configuration commands
  • Custom AT

Target Devices


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