The R9A06G062GNP delivers Sub-GHz wireless communication with OFDM and FSK modulations compliant with IEEE802.15.4-2020 and Wi-SUN FAN1.1 profile; OFDM modulation provides high speed and robust communication for IoT devices, while FSK modulation ensures compatibility with the conventional FAN1.0 profile, making the R9A06G062GNP an essential product for IoT networks.

The R9A06G062GNP is ideal for wireless communication applications in a wide range of IoT devices including smart meters and sensor networks within the 863-928 MHz band.


  • RF frequency range: 863 to 928MHz
  • Data rate:
    • ~200kbps (FSK)
    • ~2400kbps (OFDM)
  • Tx output power:
    • +15dBm in SUN FSK
    • +11dBm in SUN OFDM
  • Receiver sensitivity:
    • -109dBm in 50kbps SUN FSK
    • -119dBm in 12.5kbps SUN OFDM


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Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN Protocol Stack
Software stack for Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN wireless network applications
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