The PMOD Expansion Board for RYZ012x1 provides an entry point to evaluation and developing for the RYZ012A1/B1. The PMOD Expansion Board easily connects to Renesas MCU kits via the PMOD interface. And the PMOD Expansion Board can be controlled through an SPI or UART interface.


  • On-board RYZ012A1
  • Easy connection to Renesas MCU kits via PMOD
  • UART / SPI interface can be selected by pin
  • Firmware written for Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) operation
  • Supported by the RA MCU family’s Flexible Software Package (FSP) and the QE for BLE tool
  • Driver for RX MCUs available



  • Smart home
  • Wearables & trackers
  • Agriculture
  • General phone connectivity
  • Entry-level mass market products requiring basic Bluetooth LE functionality with minimum design and qualification effort


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Quick Start Guide PDF 199 KB
Application Note PDF 10.24 MB
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Application Note PDF 1.81 MB 日本語
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Application Note Log in to Download PDF 1.08 MB 日本語
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Software & Tools

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Flexible Software Package (FSP)
FSP is an enhanced software package designed to provide easy-to-use, scalable, high-quality software for embedded system designs using Renesas RA Family of Arm Microcontrollers. Note: FSP with e² studio Installer (Platform Installer) will install the e² studio tool, FSP packs, GCC toolchain, and Segger J-Link drivers required to use this software. No additional installations are required.
Software Package Renesas
QE for BLE: Development Assistance Tool for Bluetooth® Low Energy
Debugging support tool that specializes in Bluetooth® Low Energy system development [Plugin for Renesas IDE "e² studio"] [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RX, RL78]
Solution Toolkit Renesas
QuickConnect Platform
QuickConnect platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
Software and Hardware Development Tools Renesas
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