Renesas offers a production test and programming unit that enables you to reduce the time to ramp-up at a lower cost. The Production Line Tool (PLT) helps to increase throughput in volume test and programming of units centered around the Renesas Bluetooth® ICs.

We work with a number of 3rd parties and distributors globally to support this platform. Contact your local Renesas sales office if you would like more information on how Renesas can support your volume production test and programming.

The latest release of the Production Line Tool supports devices in the SmartBond™ Bluetooth family: DA1469x and DA14531.


  • Ease of integration: DLL based commands
  • Flexibility in programming OTP/Flash/EEPROM
  • Low overall cost of tester equipment
  • High level of parallelization and short testing time
  • Up to 16 times parallel programming and test



  • Proximity and beacons
  • Health and fitness
  • HID
  • Smart homes
  • Applications requiring software upgrade Over the Air (OTA)


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