The ISL73033SLHM is a radiation hardened 100V GaN FET with integrated Low-Side GaN FET driver. The GaN FET are capable of providing up to 45A output and have a RDSON as low as 7.5mΩ. The integrated Low-Side GaN FET driver has a supply range from 4.5V to 13.2V and can accept logic levels up to 14.7V, regardless of supply voltage. The ISL73033SLHM has propagation delay of 42ns, enabling high switching frequency for better power conversion efficiency.  The ISL73033SLHM is characterized over the full military temperature range from -55°C to +125°C and receives screening similar to QMLV devices. The ISL73033SLHM is offered in a 81 lead Ball Grid Array (BGA) plastic package. 


  • Production testing and qualification follow AS6294/1
  • 100V, 7.5mΩ eGaN FET with integrated 4.5V gate driver
  • Wide driver bias range of 4.5V to 13.2V
  • Up to 16.5V logic inputs (regardless of VDD level)
    • Inverting and non-inverting inputs
  • Integrated driver optimized for enhancement-mode GaN FETs
    • Internal 4.5V regulated gate drive voltage
  • Full military temperature range operation
    • TA = -55°C to +125°C
    • TJ = -55°C to +150°C
  • Radiation hardness assurance (lot-by-lot)
    • Low dose rate (0.01rad(Si)/s): 75krad(Si)
  • SEE hardness for Driver (see the SEE test report)
    • No SEB/L LETTH, VDD = 16.5V: 86MeV•cm2/mg
    • No SET, LETTH, VDD = 13.2V: 86MeV•cm2/mg
  • SEE hardness for GaN FET (see the SEE test report)
    • No SEB/L LETTH, VDS = 100V: 86MeV•cm2/mg


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