The ZSSC3230  is a CMOS integrated circuit for accurate capacitance-to-digital conversion and sensor-specific correction of capacitive sensor signals. Digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity, and temperature drift is accomplished via an internal digital signal processor running a correction algorithm with calibration coefficients stored in a non-volatile, multiple-time programmable (MTP) memory. Programming the ZSSC3230 is simple via the serial interface. The interface is used for the PC-controlled calibration procedure, which programs the set of calibration coefficients in memory. The ZSSC3230 is configurable for capacitive sensors with capacitances up to 30pF and will provide a scalable up to 18 bit output resolution. It is compatible with single ended capacitive sensors. Measured and corrected sensor values can be output as I2C™ (≤ 3.4MHz).

The ZSSC3230 provides accelerated signal processing, increased resolution, and improved noise immunity in order to support high-speed control, safety, and real-time sensing applications with highest requirements for energy efficiency.


  • Supply Voltage 1.68–3.6V 
  • Low current consumption with 1.3µA at 1 sample per second
  • Maximum target input capacitance: 30pF
  • Programmable capacitance span and offset
  • High sampling rate with 430Hz at 14-bit resolution
  • ADC resolution: adjustable in speed and resolution, 18-bit in maximum
  • Internal auto-compensated temperature sensor, not stress sensitive
  • Programmable measurement sequence, single shot and automatic cycling of measurements with end-of-sequence interrupt output
  • Oversampling modes by internal averaging
  • Interrupt features
  • Build in NVM for configuration and free space for arbitrary user data
  • Small die size
  • External reset pin (low active)
  • No external trimming components required
  • Highly integrated CMOS design
  • Package: Die and 24-VFQFPN


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star ZSSC3230 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.34 MB
Renesas CAD Altium Libraries for AID Products Rev 20210820 Guide 7Z 1.21 MB
ZSSC3230 Calibration Guide Guide PDF 1.02 MB
ZSSC3230 Evaluation Kit Manual Manual - Hardware PDF 3.83 MB
Sensor Signal Conditioning ICs for Industrial and Consumer Applications Overview PDF 2.93 MB
ZSSC3230 Technical Brief - Die and Wafer Information Technical Brief PDF 647 KB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
ZSSC323x Evaluation Software Rev. 1.3.25 Software & Tools - Evaluation Software ZIP 3.82 MB

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ZSSC3230KIT Evaluation Kit for ZSSC3230 Evaluation Renesas