The SLG47105 combines mixed-signal logic and high-voltage H-bridge functionality in a tiny 2 x 3 mm QFN package. One time programmable (OTP) Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) stores user-defined solutions in the form of interconnections of internal logic, I/O pins, and macrocells. Integrated dual H-Bridge/quad Half-Bridge functionality allows driving different loads up to 2A per output with up to 13.2V voltage. The SLG47105 advanced PWM macrocells provide the ability to drive multiple motors with different PWM frequencies and duty cycles. Low idle current consumption in combination with a compact size further extends the field of possible applications. This highly versatile device allows a wide variety of mixed-signal functions to be designed alongside with high-voltage capabilities within a tiny and thermally efficient IC.


  • Up to 13.2V High Voltage and up to 2A High Current Drive GPOs
  • Full H-Bridge and Independent Half-Bridge Control.
  • Flexible 8-bit PWMs Macrocells
  • Constant Current Regulation
  • Constant Voltage Regulation
  • Two Wide Range Power Supply Inputs:
    • 2.5 V (±8 %) to 5.0 V (±10 %) VDD
    • 3.3 V (±10 %) to 12.0 V (±10 %) VDD2
  • Built-in Protections:
    • Undervoltage Lockout
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Thermal Shutdown
  • I2C control
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • One Time Programmable Non-Volatile Memory
  • Low current consumption (nA level)
  • RoHS Compliant/Halogen-Free

Macrocells Overview

  • Four High Voltage, Current Drive GPOs with low RDS_ON
  • Two 8-bit PWM Macrocells with build-in 16-byte register file
  • Two Oscillators:
    • 2.048 kHz oscillator
    • 25 MHz oscillator
  • Two High Speed General Purpose Rail-to-Rail Analog Comparators with Integrated Voltage Reference
  • Differential Amplifier with Integrator and Analog Comparator
  • Two Current Sense Comparators with Integrated Voltage Reference
  • Twelve Combination Function Macrocells:
    • Three Selectable DFF/Latch or 2-bit LUTs;
    • One Selectable Programmable Pattern Generator or 2-bit LUT;
    • Six Selectable DFF/Latch or 3-bit LUTs;
    • One Selectable Pipe Delay or Ripple Counter or 3-bit LUT;
    • One Selectable DFF/Latch or 4-bit LUT
  • I2C Serial Communication Macrocell
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Filter with Edge Detector
  • Programmable Delay with Edge Detector
  • Power On Reset (POR)


SLG47105 SLG47115
VDD2 3.0 - 13.2 4.5 - 26.4
Peak Output Current IPK (A) 2 3
GPIOs (#) 12 10
Special Features 2x H-/4x Half- Bridge, 2x PWM, 2x CCMP, Int&Diff Amp, Pattern Generator 1x H-/2x Half- Bridge, 2x PWM, CCMP, Int&Diff Amp, Pattern Generator
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  • Smart Locks and Valves
  • ATMs and POS Printers
  • MOSFET Drivers
  • Cameras (Video Security, DSLRs)
  • Toys
  • Robotics
  • Personal Computers and Servers
  • Office Equipment
  • Personal and Medical Care Devices
  • Other Consumer Electronics


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