Renesas is the Wireless Power industry leader in the smartphone market with a dominant market share in both mobile devices and transmitters. Leverage our leading-edge technology in your wireless power design with a portfolio that delivers the industry’s best flexible SoC architecture, efficiency and hardware/algorithm implementation.

  • Industry-first, flexible Arm® Cortex®-M0-based SoC architecture
  • Industry-leading efficiency
  • Unique and proven hardware/algorithm implementation
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Wireless Power Basics

Wireless Power ICs to Meet Your Needs

Renesas is a leader in wireless power ICs for wireless power transfer systems. Renesas'  broad portfolio of wireless power ICs consists of both transmitters and receivers that offer distinct advantages in physical size, power efficiency, and flexibility.

The Renesas highly integrated transmitter ICs are designed for use in all types of charging pads, while the ultra-compact, low-power receiver ICs are targeted at portable devices and accessories. With variations in input voltages and coil types/numbers, the Renesas wireless power solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications spanning virtually all markets and industries. In addition, some wireless charger ICs can provide additional benefits for increased wattage and control when paired together.

Wireless Charging IC Design-in Support Tools

Wireless charging technology is complex, and wireless charging ICs are no exception. For this reason, Renesas complements its solutions with reference designs, support tools, and design-in documentation -- making the daunting task of designing in a wireless power IC as easy and fast as possible. Product-specific resources can be found on the various product pages.

Qi Standard Wireless Power ICs

Renesas is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and develops wireless power ICs and reference design kits based on magnetic induction that have been certified to the Qi standard.

Automotive 15W Wireless Charging Transmitter Customer Reference Board

About Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless charging technology facilitates the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without connecting wires. The technology is useful in cases where wires are hazardous, impossible to connect, or simply inconvenient.

Today’s wireless chargers come in various physical forms, but are all based on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic coupling. Adhering to one or more industry standards, the challenge to build advanced wireless charging ICs is to maximize efficiency, compatibility, and safety, while minimizing the physical dimensions of the solution. The Renesas industry-leading devices offer all of these qualities, enabling wireless charger and portable device manufacturers to easily and effectively integrate wireless charging technology into their next-generation products.


Wireless Power Receivers

Wireless power receiver IC solutions that are Qi and PMA compliant

Wireless Power Transmitters

IC solutions and Qi-compliant support for wireless charger applications

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