The P9261-3C-CRB is a turnkey 15 Watt, Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter triple coil reference kit for fast prototyping and design integration. This will enable customers to have faster time to market with a WPC Qi qualified MP-A13 three coils solution. The kit consists of an easy-to-use 3-coil WPC Tx type reference board and 15W EPP receiver board, P9221-R-EVK and comprehensive design collateral that significantly eases design-in effort and minimizes time-to-market.

An associated layout module enables direct instantiation on to a system board, while an optimized and fully-tested Bill-of-Materials (BOM) takes the guess-work out of component selection. The P9261 based solution is well-suited for automotive in-vehicle wireless power charging. It meets AEC-Q100, grade 2 standard and CISPR-25 EMI/EMC performance.

Need a 15W Qi wireless power receiver too? See the P9221-R-EVK.


  • AEC-Q100, grade 2 qualified for automotive applications
  • Supports wireless power receivers up to 15W and iOS and Android wireless fast charging
  • Easy to use GUI/API for system status and tuning
  • 4.25V to 21V operating range  
  • Fixed frequency and duty cycle wireless power topology
  • WPC Qi 1.2.4 compliant for interoperability
  • Integrated microcontroller with OTP program memory and supports external flash memory
  • Supports I²C and SPI interfaces
  • Simultaneous voltage and current ASK demodulation scheme
  • Integrated drivers for external power FETs and current voltage sensing
  • Low standby power
  • Integrated Step-down Switching Regulator for internal blocks to increase overall efficiency
  • Advanced foreign objects detection (FOD) function
  • Supports LEDs for status indication
  • Over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • Low EMI, meets CISPR-25 EMI/EMC requirement



Document title Document type
Date Date
PDF 1.99 MB Manual - Hardware
PDF 105 KB Application Note
PDF 339 KB Application Note
PDF 1.42 MB Application Note
PDF 482 KB Application Note
PDF 692 KB Application Note
PDF 3.23 MB Application Note
XLSX 17 KB Other
DSN 886 KB Schematic
PDF 112 KB Schematic
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Design & Development

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BRD 2.38 MB PCB Design Files
ZIP 32 KB Software & Tools - Other
7Z 639 KB Software & Tools - Other
ZIP 981 KB Software & Tools - Software
XLSX 38 KB Software & Tools - Software
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P9261-3C-CRB Customer Reference Board, 15W Automotive Wireless Power Transmitter Solution

The P9261-3C-CRB customer reference board features the P9261, a wireless power transmitter optimized for automotive applications. The customer reference board and software GUI ease the design-in process.

The P9261 is a highly integrated, magnetic induction wireless power transmitter controller supporting the WPC Qi specification. The P9261 functions with multiple coils with a full-bridge or half bridge inverter configuration for additional spatial freedom in in-cabin automotive applications.

To learn more about IDT's industry-leading automotive wireless power solutions, visit www.idt.com/wirelesspower. Or visit the P9261-3C-CRB reference kit page directly at www.idt.com/P9261-3C-CRB.