The P9261-3C-CRB is a turnkey 15 Watt, Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter triple coil reference kit for fast prototyping and design integration. This will enable customers to have faster time to market with a WPC Qi qualified MP-A13 three coils solution. The kit consists of an easy-to-use 3-coil WPC Tx type reference board and 15W EPP receiver board, P9221-R-EVK and comprehensive design collateral that significantly eases design-in effort and minimizes time-to-market.

An associated layout module enables direct instantiation on to a system board, while an optimized and fully-tested Bill-of-Materials (BOM) takes the guess-work out of component selection. The P9261 based solution is well-suited for automotive in-vehicle wireless power charging. It meets AEC-Q100, grade 2 standard and CISPR-25 EMI/EMC performance.

Need a 15W Qi wireless power receiver too? See the P9221-R-EVK.


  • AEC-Q100, grade 2 qualified for automotive applications
  • Supports wireless power receivers up to 15W and iOS and Android wireless fast charging
  • Easy to use GUI/API for system status and tuning
  • 4.25V to 21V operating range  
  • Fixed frequency and duty cycle wireless power topology
  • WPC Qi 1.2.4 compliant for interoperability
  • Integrated microcontroller with OTP program memory and supports external flash memory
  • Supports I²C and SPI interfaces
  • Simultaneous voltage and current ASK demodulation scheme
  • Integrated drivers for external power FETs and current voltage sensing
  • Low standby power
  • Integrated Step-down Switching Regulator for internal blocks to increase overall efficiency
  • Advanced foreign objects detection (FOD) function
  • Supports LEDs for status indication
  • Over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • Low EMI, meets CISPR-25 EMI/EMC requirement



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P9261-3C-CRB Customer Reference Board, 15W Automotive Wireless Power Transmitter Solution

The P9261-3C-CRB customer reference board features the P9261, a wireless power transmitter optimized for automotive applications. The customer reference board and software GUI ease the design-in process.

The P9261 is a highly integrated, magnetic induction wireless power transmitter controller supporting the WPC Qi specification. The P9261 functions with multiple coils with a full-bridge or half bridge inverter configuration for additional spatial freedom in in-cabin automotive applications.

To learn more about IDT's industry-leading automotive wireless power solutions, visit www.idt.com/wirelesspower. Or visit the P9261-3C-CRB reference kit page directly at www.idt.com/P9261-3C-CRB.