A highly integrated 4 to 10-cell battery front end ideal for industrial applications requiring safety, flexible operation, and low-side protection FETs. The RAA489220 monitors cell and battery voltages, temperatures, and current; supports both an auto-scan mode and programmed scan sequence, provides internal self and system checks, can respond to fault conditions autonomously, and includes other helpful features like a fuse blow, and load and charge detection.  For applications like power tools, vacuums, garden tools the RAA489220 is perfect compromise between cost, size and function.


  • VPACK voltages: 5V to 44V
  • Hot plug tolerance
  • Built-in low-side FET drivers
  • Charger/load presence detection
  • Cell open wire and system checks
  • Autonomous detection and actions
  • HVGPIO fuse blow configurable
  • Support for wide range of current-sense resistors




  • Power Tools
  • Garden Tools
  • Vacuums
  • Mobility
  • Robotics


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RAA48920x Multi-Cell Battery Front End Family

An overview of how the Renesas multi-cell battery front devices streamline development for high-cell count, high-voltage systems with flexible cell balancing and lower system costs. Visit renesas.com/bfe for more details.