Warp!! is a solution for quick startup of a Linux system. It was developed and is sold by Lineo Solutions Inc., a distributor with deep expertise in embedded Linux. Warp!! is an eco-friendly quick-start solution for embedded Linux that has earned praise for its superior features, flexibility, ease of deployment, and quick bootup speed since its release in 2008. By rapidly booting the system from its powered-off state, Warp!! not only enhances the usability of the system but also makes it more eco-friendly by eliminating the need for standby power consumption. It is compatible with multi-core and multi-storage systems and enables dramatically faster booting when used together with a user API. The name “Warp!!” evokes the image of a spaceship executing a hyper-jump to the speed of light, which is the impression you will get when you see how quickly your device starts when the power is turned on. Warp!! can also be customized to fit your product’s specifications.

Warp!! can be evaluated on RZ/G1M- and RZ/G1E-based evaluation boards.

You can download the demo binary of Warp!! by registering as a user and accepting the evaluation license. Note that certain functions are limited in the demo binary. The demo binary lets you select whether or not to overwrite the u-boot bootloader in flash memory. For details, refer to the “Warp!! Demo Binary Installation Instructions.”