Winbond secure flash W77Q provides ‘add-on’ security in the boot code integrity and firmware resilience on RZ/T1 platform.


  • W77Q secure flash memory is compatible to standard SPI NOR flash memory.
  • W77Q can be “Root-Of-Trust” for ROM-Less SoC.
    • W77Q automatically verifies boot code by itself and raises reset pin from “L” to “H” for SoC.
    • If the boot code was hacked, W77Q automatically jump to redundant boot code for recovery.
  • Platform Firmware Resilience supported
    • Referenced to NIST SP800-193


  • Network, IoT
  • Industries requiring security guideline
    • ISO/IEC62443-4-2
    • CC/EAL, GP/SESIP, ASIL certification


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star Winbond Boot Code Integrity and Firmware Resilience for the Renesas RZ Partner Ecosystem Product Brief PDF 500 KB


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