The RC31008A Evaluation Board (EVB) is designed to support users evaluating the RC31008A using clock generation in synthesizer mode for PCIe Gen 1-6 compliance or in jitter attenuation mode. When the EVB is connected via USB to the user’s computer running Renesas Integrated Circuit Toolbox (RICBox™) Software, the RC31008A can be configured in various frequencies with best-in-class performance. The RC31008A offers various features with total 8 pairs of differential outputs. Each pair of output can be programmed to LVCMOS style, LVDS style, and LP-HCSL style outputs. There are 5 general purpose input/output (GPIOs) and 4 general purpose input (GPIs) to support output enables, power down, configuration selection, and status outputs. Voltage levels for VDDX, VDDR, VDDA, VDDD, VDDO1, VDDO2, VDDO3, VDDO4, VDDO5, and VDDO6 can be set by jumper. The EVB kit also has a socket to load a configuration from EEPROM.


  • Crystal or Crystal overdrive (REFIN) via SMA
  • Available sense lines on Crystal Overdrive and CLKIN.
  • Onboard I2C and SPI communications.
  • 4 GPI and 5 GPIO.
  • GPI/GPIO LED indicator and DIP switch.
  • Test points on Outputs for Hi-Z probes.
  • Jumper selectable voltage setting for 3.3V/2.5V/1.8V powered from USB-C.



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Manual - Hardware PDF 1.59 MB
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Software & Tools

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Renesas IC Toolbox (RICBox)
The Renesas IC Toolbox (RICBox) software platform enables customers to configure Renesas devices on evaluation kits when attached to the computer running the software.
Software Package Renesas
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