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Kim looks at the importance of security certifications and explains how embedded developers can be assured that the heart of their product’s security works correctly.

By Kimberly Dinsmore, Embedded Security Specialist - May 18, 2022

QE for Capacitive Touch supports development of gesture applications with the use of AI. I will explain the creation and operation of the gesture and the recognition accuracy.

By Hiroto Takagi, Sr Staff Software Engineer - May 17, 2022

Data as individual facts, statistics, or an assortment of information, do face an enormous increase of its importance and there has been an unprecedented explosion within the needs, usability and deployment of these data streams and information. However, data can only be of significance when it can be analyzed to infer factual values and for better insights to improve decisions. Extracting insights from the enormous volumes of data using different scientific methods and algorithms such as pattern recognition, data mining and KDD is called data science.

By Suad Jusuf, Senior Manager - May 16, 2022