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The E6000 emulator is an advanced real-time in-circuit emulator which allows programs to be developed and debugged for the SH, H8S and H8 family microcomputers.



Release Information


  • Zero wait-state real-time emulation
  • Emulation memory 4M bytes, which can be mapped in 64 byte blocks into the target processor's address space
  • 256 PC Breakpoints
  • Up to 12 hardware breakpoints using the event and range channels in the Complex Event System (CES)
  • Up to 32K cycles Trace Buffer, which can be stopped and read during program execution
  • Trace buffer acquisition filtering using the CES
  • Execution time measurement of total time, or relative time, with a resolution between 20ns and 16us
  • 4 user logic probes which can be used as CES trigger events
  • Automatic tracking of the target system supply voltage, to ensure that the emulator draws no power
  • Multiple target clock selection
  • Windows software supplied as standard
  • No need to remove the casing to connect to target



  • Hardware Break
    • Up to 12 sequential points, max. 8 level shared with Trace Trigger
  • Software Break (Max. 256 points)
  • On-chip Break (1 point)
  • Force Break
  • Realtime Trace (32k cycle)
  • Trigger Point
    • Up to 12 sequential points, max. 8 level shared with Trace Trigger
  • Specified Condition Trace
  • Point-to-point Trace
  • Subroutine Trace
  • Cycle time Stamp
Parallel Access Memory in User Program running, Reference/Modification of Internal I/O
Performance Analysis
  • Time measurement of specified event to event
  • Time measurement of specified Address
  • Time measurement of specified Address range
  • Area Access count Measurement
  • Call count Measurement of specified event to event
Size (mm) 219x170x54


System Configuration

System Configuration

Note: An example of a target device H8S/2100 series. Refer to  Information on Accessories for Connecting an Emulator to the System for the details.


Product Lineups

Supported MCUs E6000 Emulator Note1 Successors
Families Series Groups
SH SH7050 - HS7050EPI60H -
SH7040 - HS7040EPI60H
SH7010 - HS7010EPI60H
H8S H8S/2600 H8S/2678R, H8S/2678, H8S/2668 HS2678REPI61H -
H8S/2655 HS2655EPI61H -
H8S/2648, H8S/2646, H8S/2639, H8S/2638, H8S/2636, H8S/2635, H8S/2630, H8S/2607 HS2646EPI61H -
H8S/2643, H8S/2633 HS2633REPI61H -
H8S/2628, H8S/2615, H8S/2604 HS2628EPI61H -
H8S/2612, H8S/2602 HS2612EPI61H -
H8S/2500 H8S/2552, H8S/2556, H8S/2506 HS2556EPI62H -
H8S/2300 H8S/2398, H8S/2350, H8S/2355, H8S/2357, H8S/2345 HS2655EPI61H -
H8S/2378R, H8S/2378, H8S/2368 HS2678REPI61H -
H8S/2339, H8S/2329, H8S/2319 HS2339EPI61H -
H8S/2200 H8S/2282 HS2646EPI61H -
H8S/2264, H8S/2268 HS2268EPI61H -
H8S/2258, H8S/2238R/B, H8S/2237, H8S/2227 HS2633REPI61H -
H8S/2245 HS2655EPI61H -
H8S/2239, H8S/2212, H8S/2214, H8S/2215, H8S/2218 HS2214EPI62H -
H8S/2100 H8S/2168 HS2168EPI61H -
H8S/2148, H8S/2144, H8S/2144B, H8S/2140B, H8S/2138, H8S/2134, H8S/2134B, H8S/2128, H8S/2124, H8S/2110B, H8S/2111B HS2140EPI61H -
H8S/2600 - HS2633EPI61H HS2633REPI61H
- HS2655EPI60H HS2655EPI61H
- HS2678EPI61H HS2678REPI61H
H8S/2500 - HS2556EPI61H HS2556EPI62H
H8S/2300 - HS2678EPI61H HS2678REPI61H
- HS2655EPI60H HS2655EPI61H
- HS2338EPI61H HS2339EPI61H
H8S/2200 - HS2633EPI61H HS2633REPI61H
- HS2214EPI61H HS2214EPI62H
- HS2655EPI60H HS2655EPI61H
H8S/2100 - HS2148EPI61H
H8 H8/300H Tiny H8/36064G, H8/36077, H8/36079, H8/36912G, H8/36902G, H8/36109, H8/36094, H8/36087, H8/36057, H8/36049, H8/36037, H8/36024, H8/36014, H8/3694, H8/3687, H8/3672, H8/3664N, H8/3664 HS3664EPI62H (with USB IF) -
H8/300L Super Low Power H8/38002S, H8/38447, H8/38427, H8/3887, H8/3867, H8/3847R, H8/3847S, H8/3827R, H8/3827S, H8/38024, H8/38024S, H8/38024R, H8/38004, H8/3802 HS38000EPI61H
(with USB IF)
H8/300H - HS3067EPI62H
HS3064BEPI61H Note2
HS3052EPI61H Note2
H8/300H Tiny - HS3664EPI61H HS3664EPI62H
H8/300 - HS3008EPI60H -
H8/300L Super Low Power - HS3800EPI60H
H8/300L - HS3L08EPI60H
AE *See the product page for the details HS0AE4XEPI61H


  1. See  the documents for each product number.
  2. H8/3048 or H8/3052B is available for either HS3064BEPI61H or HS3052EPI61H.


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