Renesas has invested in key technologies to address the current megatrends within the automotive market such as environment, safety, information, and affordability. This effort has resulted in leadership positions in high-performance power conversions, state-of-the-art precision analog, cell balancing and battery charging ICs, power-efficient Class D audio amplifiers, and highly flexible TFT display controllers.

Renesas offers both standard and AEC-Q100 qualified products for automotive applications.

Featured Automotive Products

These featured products are part of the Renesas Easy-to-Start MCU design, tool and documentation portal.

Design Support Page Product Series Description User's Manual
RL78/F13 RL78/F13 32MHz, up to 128KB ROM, 8KB RAM, LIN, CAN, lowest power consumption, Ta = 150 °C pdf_icon_for_table.png
RL78/F14 RL78/F14 32MHz, up to 256KB ROM, 20KB RAM, LIN, CAN, lowest power consumption, Ta = 150 °C pdf_icon_for_table.png
RL78/F15 RL78/F15 32MHz, up to 512KB ROM, 32KB RAM, LIN, CAN, lowest power consumption pdf_icon_for_table.png
RH850/F1KM-S1 RH850/F1KM-S1 120MHz, up to 1MB ROM, 128KB RAM, CAN-FD, low power modules, ASIL-B pdf_icon_for_table.png
RH850/F1K RH850/F1K 120MHz, up to 2MB ROM, 192KB RAM, CAN-FD, low power modules, ASIL-B pdf_icon_for_table.png
RH850/F1KM-S4 RH850/F1KM-S4 240MHz, up to 4MB ROM, 512KB RAM, CAN-FD, Ethernet, low power modules, ASIL-B pdf_icon_for_table.png
RH850/F1KH-D8 RH850/F1KH-D8 2x240MHz, up to 8MB ROM, 1MB RAM, CAN-FD, Ethernet, low power modules, ASIL-B pdf_icon_for_table.png
RH850/C1M-Ax RH850/C1M-Ax 2x320MHz, up to 4MB ROM, 256KB RAM, LIN, CAN-FD, motor control, ASIL-C pdf_icon_for_table.png

Why Choose Renesas for Automotive Devices?

AEC-Q100 Qualified Products

AEC-Q100 is an industry-standard specification that outlines the recommended new product and major change qualification requirements and procedures for packaged integrated circuits.

Renesas offers both standard and AEC-Q100 qualified products for automotive applications. Not all Renesas products are designed nor intended for use in automotive applications. Products that are qualified for and meet AEC-Q100 requirements are clearly designated in their datasheet.

Please visit the Quality and Reliability section of our website to view certification documentation.

Dedicated Customer Support

  • Dedicated automotive product line and field support teams
  • Automotive part qualification to AEC-Q/customer specific requirements
  • TS16949 certified manufacturing sites
  • Achieve 100% first time submission for approval of PPAP
  • Renesas unique Ordering Part Number (OPN)
  • Comprehensive in house device failure analysis capabilities with standard 8D reporting format
  • Extensive quality systems
  • Rigorous process change notice and change management support
  • Timely specification review for technical, environmental (IMDS), and general quality requirements

Assured Product Supply

Long life cycles ensure a steady flow of product, which gives your design longevity. Renesas still supports products that have been in production for more than 40 years.

Four Ways Renesas Makes Cars Smarter

  • Safety: See behind your car within 500 milliseconds with TW88xx Display Processors.
  • Efficiency: Improve power efficiency by 5% with highly efficient Synchronous Regulators.
  • Connectivity: Get end-to-end, bi-directional communication with enhanced SerDes video links.
  • Affordability: Eliminate costly CAN transceivers with proprietary cell-balancing diagnostic communications system.


RL78 Automotive MCUs

AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified MCUs providing super low power consumption

RH850 Automotive MCUs

32-bit automotive MCUs with functional safety and embedded security

R-Car Automotive System-on-Chips (SoCs)

Automotive computing SoCs for car information systems

Automotive Timing

Clock and timing solutions for automotive-grade applications

Automotive Wireless Power

Wireless charging ICs that enable wireless power transfer systems

Automotive Battery Management

BMS for hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and electric vehicles

Automotive Power Devices

Intelligent Power Devices with built-in peripheral and protection functions

Automotive Power Management

Power devices for automotive infotainment, navigation or telematics platforms

Automotive Sensors

Sensors for light and position sensing and sensor signal conditioning ICs

Automotive Video & Display

Video and display ICs that address the latest trends in the automotive market


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